This site began as a small little dedication page on December 4, 2002. I have been a great fan of Brad's for years, and was frustrated at the lack of HIM on the Internet.(besides So, I began the quest. The site began with a background of Gríma Wormtongue, had about 4 sections, and was very dark. I kept it that way for a while, until I got my own comp for Christmas. Then I began some more changes, still with the Gríma theme, but with more white and lighter colors. I also introduced frames into the site. Eventually I had so many pictures that it took up too much bandwidth (Geocities gives you zilch when it comes to width), so I took down the gallery. At that time, I was getting about 30 hits a day, and was totally ecstatic, because I had never had a successful website.

    One night I was sitting online, working on some pages for the site, and thinking of a domain name, if I ever had enough money to buy one. I decided to check my guestbook, to see if anyone cared to write me something, and I saw a link to a site called I was like, "hmmmm." I had just checked that name not 3 days ago, and it was still availabe. So I emailed the address of the webmaster, and got a response. She said she had just bought it because there were not enough Brad sites on the net. She said that she visited my site daily (which made me blush) So, this prompted me to go ahead and buy a domain name. I had many names in mind, like:, or or .net. I had never thought about naming it, because i didn't want to try to sound official or anything. Well, after exchanging about 4 emails with Diane at, who told me that he would be honored, not offended, to have a website named for him, I decided to buy (I had come up with the money through selling my life-size Legolas standee from Walden Books for $250 on eBay) So, was born! (it was Jan. 19, 2003)

    After going through many frame combinations and sitemaps of pics, I finally arrived at a site that could be easily navigated and updated. Hopefully I can keep up the money to keep this place running. I never knew it would come to owning, and I am so honored to have a site for Brad. He is the inspiration for my creativity and through this site he has indirectly helped me develop my web design skills.

    August 13, 2003: Well, now it is about 8 months into this website, and I have gone through many layouts. Thank you to everyone who visits, and continues to. Your dedication to Brad is amazing, and I am sure he is flattered.
and...brought to you by your creepy webmistress:
yes, I run this site. Scary, isn't it?