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» Myst III: Exile
» Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Magazine Articles

» Studio Magazine
» Starlog Magazine April 2003
» Fantasy Worlds 2 February 2002
» Article from 'Figures of light'
» Entertainment Weekly Article, scanned by Fantaskizzle
» New Fangoria Magazine article scanned by Heather!

Internet Articles

November 2004:

Washington Post
Fangoria Review
Orange County Register
Cincinnati Post
Arizona Republic
The Celebrity
Akron Beacon Journal
Kansas City
Spawn of Chucky Runs Amoky Chucky interview
Redman article mentions Brad.
Chicago Tribune Article
Fangoria: Jennifer Tilly, All Dolled Up
Washington Post: Doll Droll

Don't forget, today is SciFi Channel's Seed of Chucky Sneak Peak!
Seed of Chucky article:
Sorry, Chucky fans: the series has officially gone to 'Seed'

October 2004:

» No Grima in 'The Return of the King
» 'Seed of Chucky' is finally a go
» No Brad in ROK Confirmed
» HBO's DEADWOOD. It is set to begin filming
» Report of Dragon*Con 2000, from
» Returning to Middle Earth
» MYST III: Exile Interview(from 2001)
» Ring*Con report mentions Brad
» Houston Chronicle Interview
» "Dourif talks TTT SE DVD"
» The News Tribune
» Backstage SAG Awards Article
» Brad has been nominated for a SAG award. Read the nomination
» article
» Interview in Great Britain
» Looks that Kill
» Interview with MCN
» Aiken Prep student remembers Brad
» Girl meets Brad at TTT premeiere
» USAToday:5 new faces in Lord of the Rings
» interview
» Announcement of Brad being nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild Award
» Interview with Brad at
» TTT article that has some stuff on Grima
» "Skinematic Spotlight on LotR: TTT"
» interview with Brad from ICON 20 convention in Stoneybrook, NY March 31st(2001??)