Fan: Amanda
Date of meeting: November 29, 2003
Place: Columbus, Oh
Event: Mid-Ohio-Con. November 28-29, 2003

It was early when Dad and I left. We started on the road at 8:30 am for the trip to Columbus. Earlier that week I had recieved a disposable camera from my mother, and as Dad and I left the driveway, I took a picture out the window at the sunrise.

The drive to Columbus was only about two hours. It was about twenty minutes to 11 when we arrived at the Hilton. I caught sight of the Hilton as soon as we turned off of the Exit. I remember saying "Is that the Hilton? It's huge!"

After we'd gotten a prime parking space right beside the front entrance, we went inside and joined the loooonnngg line for paying.
There were a lot of people there, however I didn't see as many funny costumes as I expected. There were some, though. There were people dressed up in Matrix outfits, and I took a picture of a couple of people in Spiderman and Green Goblin costumes.

When I got to Brad's table, he hadn't arrived yet. I was about the third or fourth in line. I stood looking around for him, my face as hot as ever! When he arrived all I could do was stare. I hope he didn't see him ogling him.

I met the blue eyed one on Saturday, November 29th at 11:00 am.

While I was standing behind the people in front of me, Brad glanced up at me for a split second. That split second my heard jumped. He saw me! As the people in front of me left, It was only a second before it popped into my head what I wanted to say first.

When I got up to his table, I waited patiently while he chose his pens. Then I said "Hi". He said hi back. I asked him if he was feeling better, because Katherine had said he was sick at the Dallas Con. He said yes, he was sick, but he's better now. :D

Then I asked him if he would sign my Common Bonds video. He said yes, and he signed it with a silver pen. As he was signing it I asked him if he's ever seen the forum. He said he hadn't, and I said "Well, if you do, I'm Mandy Bug" *because I am a dork*. At first he thought I said "Andy Buck", then "Mandy Buck". I had to repeat myself about three times, but I didn't mind. I was talking to Brad Dourif!!

He asked me who to sign the vid to, and I said "Amanda" because of course, I didn't want it signed Mandy Bug! So my vid says "To Amanda" and it has his name signed underneath. XD
After he signed my video I asked him when would be the best time to ask for a picture with him. He said "Right now, that would be great!" He stood up and put his arm around me, leaning over the table. I handed my camera to Jay, and I put my arm around Brad and we put our heads together (!). Jay had to take three pictures because one of them didn't flash, and I wanted more than one (of course). After the third picture was taken, Brad said "I am going blind now." from the flash of the camera. Of course, being the crazy dork that I am, I thought that was cute.

After the pics were taken, I thanked Brad profusely, and moved over to put my vid back into my (mom's) bag. I told him the movie was one of my favorites and he said thank you, and that he had worked with someone with cerebral palsy.

Before I left I thanked him again, and told him I hoped he had a nice day. He smiled and said thank you.

After that, I went around the con with Dad, taking pictures and looking at things. I took pictures of people with funny costumes and the like. I had my picture taken with Dean Haglund from X-Files and The Lone Gunmen and I took pictures of Walter Koenig and the woman who played Batgirl in the 60s. I also took a picture of June Lockhart. My dad bought me the Sleepaway Camp DVD. After doing some more things, we left for home. I've thanked Dad again and again for taking me.

It's been four days since my meeting with Mr. Dourif, and I'm still excited by it! Can't imagine why *wink*.