Fan: Aubrey
Date of meeting: April 26, 2003
Place: East Rutherford, New Jersey
Event:Chiller Theatre

My friend Lindsey, my dad and i had waited out in the cold rain for nearly and hour to get into the 2003 Chiller Theater convention. It was all worth it though. First we waltzed down all the crowded hallways and looked at all the cool junk people were selling. Then, we questioned one of the dudes that worked there where Brad was. He told us to go up the stairs to the third floor. As i climbed the stairs, i could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I was only minutes away from meeting Brad Dourif. Then, we stopped outside his room. I looked at the wall where it said the names of the people inside. Brad's was the first name on the list. Then, we all went in. I saw Brad sitting at the table autographing. I began to screech softly to Lindsey. I could feel the excitment building, and went and stood in line. Lindsey went first and picked up a picture of Grima for him to sign. He signed it "To Lindsey Wormtongue". Then, it was my turn. First, i handed him 3 drawings i did of him. Two of Grima and one of Jack Dante. I stood there as Brad looked over them closely. The next few words he said, i will never forget. "Wow! These are very good. I especially like this one," he said pointing to the one of Jack Dante. I couldn't believe Brad Dourif was complimenting me on my art! I was squealing like a piggy inside. "Would you like me to autograph these for you?" he asked. So he took up his pen and signed all of them, free of charge!

We then said goodbye to him and walked out of the room. As soon as we got out into the hallway, i started to cry. I was so happy!Later on, before we were about to leave, i asked if we could go back up to see Brad. So, we walked back up the stairs, and went in the room. When i walked up to his table, i said, "I'm back again," and picked up a picture of Dr. Gediman for him to sign. I LOVE Dr. Gediman! He's my favorite! I wanted so desperatly to give Brad a huge hug, but i was afraid to ask because he was sitting behind a table, but my friend Lindsey asked if we could get a photo with him. "Of course!" he said. So Lindsey and i scrambled back behind the table. He put his arm around both of us and my dad snapped a picture. I was so happy at that moment. Then, i shook Brad's hand and said, "thank you so muuch!" I felt like i was going to faint.

I know i may not look too happy, but inside, i felt like i was going to explode! I didn't want to look WAY too happy because then somehow i would manage to make myself look like a fool. Brad was a VERY friendly gentelmen, and i will NEVER forget that day i met him. I Love you Brad! You've made my dream come true!