Fan: Brooks
Date of meeting: 2002 & April 26, 2003
Place: East Rutherford, New Jersey
Event:Chiller Theatre,

2nd encounter
        It was Saturday, April 26th. The weather was cold & rainy. The PERFECT conditions for Chiller Theatre. Got there about 2 hours early and there was already a long line. My girlfriend and I worked our way in at opening, and managed to get some autographs from some of the bigger names like Kane Hodder and Tony Todd right away. We then worked our way up to the 3rd floor where Brad was. The hotel hallways were packed with people, and so were all the rooms. There was a line for Brad doing down 1 side of the hallway. So we jumped in line and waited like everyone else. About 10 min later we worked our way into the hotel room (These are actually hotel rooms that have tables set up). Brad had longer hair and a mustache since last time I saw him. He was totally cool as always, and let me take a GREAT shot of him with my plastic machete that everyone was signing. Another great Chiller...

1st encounter
        The event was Chiller Theatre and the location was East Rutherford, New Jersey. Inside the Sheraton Hotel, were rooms and rooms of toys and models. Outside the hotel, was a very large tent were all the stars did the autograph signings and meet & greets. I attended on Saturday, and it was a very hot and rainy April morning, so the staff had put up clear vinyl flaps on all sides of the tent so the rain would not get in the tent. But there were no fans or ventilation, so needless to say, it was a bit hot. I worked my way around the tables, to see who was there. There were stars like some of the Sopranos, Adam West Linda Blair, Brad and many others. Since im a big fan of brads, I wanted to get his autograph first since there were not many people in the tent yet. It was still early. So I worked my way to the small line for him.

 On the table were various photos of him, from various movies. Since im a big Childs Play fan, I wanted one of those pics. So I picked my picture and waited my turn. When I approached the table I shook his hand and told him I was a big fan. He thanked me and I asked when he signs my picture, would he mind if I take a picture of him doing it. He said no problem at all. The reason I take pics of stars signing my items is not to resell, but for proof. But most of the stars that day were personalizing the pictures anyway, im assuming to cut down on the resell. After he signed it I thanked him and said it was a true honor. And worked my way over to another table.      

  Now, for the cool part. I was in line for Linda Blair, behind Brads table a row back. As I waited in Lindas line, so many people were in the tent, that the talking was getting louder and louder since the sound had no were to go. So by Brads table, 1 of the staff had a megaphone and was asking people to keep it down. Some listened, but it didnt really quiet down. So I turned back to look at Linda signing autographs, then all of a sudden from the megaphone came "THIS IS CHUCKY, EVERYONE SHUT UP". Brad had taken the megaphone from the staff, turned it all the way up, and said that. I'm telling you, everyone stopped talking. It was that voice that is so well known. I got goosebumps and chills ran down my spine. Talking to him, you really dont hear it. But when he yelled that, it was JUST like the movie voice. Everyone in the tent just stood and looked at him. He then gave the megaphone back to the staff and sat down and continued signing. I thought that was so cool.

  I worked my way inside the hotel and say a Chucky doll in a box for sale, so I bought it and got back in line again for Brad. Once again, I said I am a really big fan and would like him to sign this doll for me, and could I take a picture again of him signing it. He said sure no problem. So I did, and after he signed it, I asked if he could hold it up so I can get a pic of him with it. So he held it next to his head, didnt even smile, and pointed to the doll. What a great picture...         It was a true honor meeting him, and hope to meet up with him again at a future show.. THANKS BRAD!!!