Event: Ring*Con

      I only wish that I could have seen him on both Q&A sessions on Saturday and on Sunday as well since he was my main motivation for going. I actually saw him right after arriving there on Saturday and apparently he had just finished the first session of the day and he was in the hallway having his picture taken with different fans. It was such a surreal experience seeing him like 5ft from me and I was very eager to meet him, but the head of Ring*con was there and stated that he must rest up for his next session in a couple hours. He then stated to me in private that he had recently had mouth surgery and was on medication. I was very impressed that he showed after having surgery and all. I then browsed the convention basically counting the minutes until the next session. When the time arrived I made sure to find a good seat in the front row. Brad then came in and sat at a small table in the front of the room with a microphone. He made a comment or two about Ring*con and being there and then left it open for Q&A. I hesitated at first since no one raised their hand so I threw mine up and he picked me! I asked him how he prepared for his role as Wormtongue in 'The Two Towers' and then he explained about how he was actually signed on for another role, but the actor who was slated to play Wormtongue backed out and he was offered that role.(which he played flawlessly)

      He also explained about how he had to go through dialect courses and had to shave his eyebrows for the part. He stated that when he would have to go back to New Zealand for reshoots that his girlfriend would freak out because he would be getting his eyebrows shaved off and she hated it. It would take a month or two to fully grown back apparently.

      A lady asked him what he thought of Peter Jackson not being nominated for best director at the Oscars this year. He put the mic down for a second and rubbed his eyes and stated that he needed a second. People then thought that he was really angered and needed a second to recoup. That was really not the case since he then stated that he was just thinking of a way to state his opinion without coming across as offensive. He then said, "I don't think it really matters and I definitely think that Peter Jackson would feel the same". I really respected that answer because the Oscars, in my opinion, are just a popularity show anyway.

      On several accounts Brad had me rolling on the floor in laughter! Someone asked if he would say something in his 'Chucky' voice. Brad just sort of dropped his head and sighed..then he yelled 'SHUT UP!' in the mic, it was a riot! Another person questioned him about how he picks roles or work and he said "I am a WHORE, I will do anything" and made some reference to a paycheck. A woman asked him who he became close with while shooting for over a year in New Zealand and the first thing out of his mouth was "I did NOT sleep with Ian McKellen", then the whole room burst into laughter and I was rolling!

      He then answered seriously and stated probably Christopher Lee and Miranda Otto since he shot primarily with them. He said that he was fascinated by Christopher Lee since he told so many stories it seemed as though he has been everywhere and done everything. A man asked him something relating to the majority of the characters he plays being of an 'evil' nature and Brad said, "I do not believe in an ultimate good or evil or that someone is an 'evil' person, I just think people do evil things", or something along those lines. I really agreed whole-heartedly on that point. Fortunately I got to ask him another question and it was just about what it was like working on 'Blue Velvet'. He then stated that he had worked with David Lynch previously and what a delight it was to work with him and about how he is a true artist. Shortly after that the coordinator stopped the questioning and had everyone line up for autographs. I had another question and was going to ask about his hobbies and interests besides acting, but alas it ended. I was about 3rd or 4th in line and was waiting eagerly watching Brad put on his glasses, sit down and situate his plethora of signing pens/markers. My heart was racing once I got up to him and I asked him to sign my 'Blue Velvet' dvd, which he did for a $10 fee (of course he needs $$ for travel expenses and whatnot) and I wish I would have brought more cash since I didn't think of him having signed pics of himself for sale (as Grima Wormtongue), which I would have loved to have, but those were $30. I then asked him if I could have a picture with him and he said "Sure" and I stepped around and table and he stood up next to me and to my surprise threw his arm around me! I was completely ecstatic.(at no charge, also) I then gave him an emphatic "thank you very much" and he in turn gave a polite "you're welcome". After that I left the convention and was in total BLISS for the next couple hours.