Fan: Elisha
Date of meeting: June 13, 2003
Place: Rosemont, Ill.
Event: Flashback Weekend

Well,it was Friday the 13, the day started off normal, I got out of bed, and went to school, and right after school, I went straight to my boyfriends house. Before we left, I made sure I had my childs play dvd, and two towers book, and my camera. We brought along my boyfriends father, since he was familiar with Rosemont. It was a long two hour drive from Mendota to Rosemont, and finally we arrived, and the Respiration convention hadn't ended yet.

So while my boyfriend and his father desided to go eat lunch, I went to check out the Evil Dead props room, where I met Tom Sullivan, so I hung out with him, and my friend Billy, from Rockford. I asked Tom if Brad was showing up, because I heard from a few of the staff members that he wouldn't be at the contention that day. And it upset me at first, because I couldn't go saturday or sunday. Tom told me that he had arrived on an earlier plane, so he wasn't with the other guests.

After the convention finally opened, my boyfriend and I were one of the first in line. After we payed, we walked into the grand ballroom, and theer he was. Sitting right infront of me, eating some kind of candy. "Elly, there he is." My boyfriend said. I walked out of the ballroom and leaned against the wall trying to get some air, plus, I thought I was going to be sick. I told my boy I was alright, I just couldn't believe my favorite actor was sitting infront of me. I gathered up my strength and tried not to act like a pussy.

I desided to walk around and think of what I should say. Then a few minutes later my boyfriend came up to me with a signed copy of Death Machine, that read, "to Elisha Allicks, Brad Dourif." My boyfriend told Brad that I was a huge fan, and Brad wondered why I didn't come up to him yet. My boyfriend said, "She's just a little nervous." "Where is she?" Brad asked, He pointed me out and said "The girl in the black coat with the spiky hair."

I finally approached him. "I was wondering if you were gonna come over here of not." He said. I began to blush. "I was hoping I could get a picture of you." "Of course." Brad answered. I pulled out my camera and was about to snap a picture, and then he said "How about we get it taken together?" "Sure." Seemed to be the only word that squeeked out of my mouth. We stood together and his agent took the camera. "This way you can show all your friends back home." His agent asked, "How do I take the picture?" Brad replied, "I think you just press the button dude." (But unfortunatly the batteries in the camera were dead, so the picture wasn't taken. I sobbed when I got home.) After I got the picture taken, I told Brad how much I appreciated it, he said, "It's no problem sweetheart."

When I got home I layed down in my bed and staired at my copy of Death Machine. Brad was an incredibly nice guy, and very cool. I hope to meet him again.