Fan: Heather
Date of meeting: October 2002
Place: Las Vegas, Nevada
Event:Haunted house(Tomb Of Darkness)

  About two weeks before I met him I heard an ad on the radio saying he was going to be at this haunted house(Tomb Of Darkness)October 25th, 26th and 27th.After the ad was over I ran out of my room screaming and yelling, commanding we were going or I was going to die.I was blushing and doing this little prep squeel, which is something I never do but I was just so excited I had to.My sister was excited but not nearly as excited as me.She told me to shut up but I told her that this is like a once in a life time opportunity for me to meet someone like Brad.

 The day before I met him I got grounded and I was worried that I wouldn't meet him but my dad said that since we had this planed for two weeks we would go.So the next day I spent 45 minutes picking out what I was going to wear.I finally picked my white wife beater and blue jeans.I spent another 10 minutes figuring out how I was going to have my hair, I picked pig-tails(which actually looked cute).I got my Chucky doll and "Child's Play 2" dvd along with my camra.Finally at 6:45p.m.(15 minutes before the haunted house opened)we left.

 When we got there I decided to leave my Chucky doll in the car and just take my dvd.The line for the haunted house had about 80 people in it but moved at an acceptable speed.The 15 minutes we waited in line were actually fun.A short man dressed as a crazy docter ran around with a chain saw attempting to scare people.He got this one girl alot which was so corney.He kept trying to scare me but I laughed at him and he eventually gave up.I kept looking up to this little garage looking thing on the front side of the building with dimly lit lights.It was about 30-50 feet away and people kept going in then coming out with signed pictures.I grabed my sister and pointed to the area and kept saying how amazing it was that we were about 30 minutes from meeting him and at that moment we were less then 100 feet from him. After five more minutes of watching a girl in front of me stare at my chest and say how flat chested she was we got into the haunted house and bought our tickets.We then were put in a room where a sound clip of Brad saying the rules and stuff in the chcuky voice.I turned to some man who was a guide for the house and asked when we got to meet Brad.He said we got to meet him AFTER we went through the haunted house.I had to go through 20 minutes of listening to my guide talking about using my dead body as a prop and looking at me like she wanted to eat my face or something.

  After I got out of that horrid haunted house I went out side, down a little ramp, around a corner, up a five step and there he was, sitting reading a book."Oh my god!" seemed to be the only words I could manage to get out.I went in the area he was on and the biggest smile overcame me.I was amazed, I couldn't believe that Brad Dourif, a man I have idolized since I was 11 was sitting right in front of me.I told him that I was his biggest fan and I couldn't believe I was meeting him.He said that then it was a pleasure to meet me and put out his hand.He shook my dads hand, my hand then my sisters hand.Before I went there I had tons of questions but in that moment of meeting him I lost them all but one which I asked him later.He then asked me how the haunted house was and I said it was alright but not that scary.
Then after a moment we got to talking and my dad asked if it was okay to take a picture.He said it was okay so he stood up and walked to a part of the room with fake spider webs. My family and I walked over to him I stood on the right of him, my dad was to the right of me and my sister was to the left of Brad.Brad had his arm around my shoulder and I had my arm around his side.For the second picture it was the same just with out my dad.In the second picture Brads head is turned to my sister because she wouldn't smile and he was getting to her to smile.After the picture he asked me if I wanted my dvd signed and I said sure so he signed it.As he was taking the cover out I asked him if I could ask him a question and he said sure.I didnt want to bother him while he was signing so I waited.He asked my name and I said it was Heather.

  As he signed my sister and I looked at the pictures of him he had on his table.I named what movie or show each one one them was from.He had pictures from TTT, X-files, Star Trek, Child's Play and a few more.After he finished I asked him how old his daughter were.He said they were 21 and 26.My mouth droped and my dad said "Now see his girls are already grown up" Brad then said "yeah, I'm even a grandpa".My mouth droped to the floor and I said "Already?" he said yes and said that I had to do him a favor.I said sure and he said to not put the cover of the movie back in the case until it dries.I said I wouldn't and he smiled.We talked for another moment and we left.
We walked to the car and drove to my moms house where I ran in screaming "MOM!MOM!MOM!I met Brad Dourif!".I of course had to remind her who he was and she said "You met a killer doll?".After a few minutes I got really mad at her and went home.I don't remember why exactly I got mad but I was REALLY pissed.I think I even broke something.So when I got home I stared at my autograph for 30 minutes then went to bed.