Fan: Isilehtele
Date of meeting: March 5, 2004
Place: Orland, Florida
Event: Mega*Con

MegaCon2004, Friday:

My friend, Lacy, and I had arrived at megaCon and we met quite a wonderful
array of actors (Noah Hathaway, Glenn Shadix, George Lowe and Marc Singer,
etc) and got their autographs or photos with them. But it was then we
realized that a lin had formed nearby. Tilting our heads, through the arms
and shoulders of fans, we saw....HIM!!!!!! HE HAD COME!!!

Randal: Uh-oh. Jesus?

^^ No! It was Brad Dourif!!! Wasting no time (well, actually, we did take
a photo of some tank-guy on our way), we got in line. Thank the Good Lord
Almighty that there wasn't so many people in line. At least not as bad as
Saturday. While in line, I would peek through the fans to get any glance of
him I could. He was so beautiful. Yes, he was older, but his face and skin
reflected Grima to me. I SAW Grima Wormtongue right there, and we were
going to meet him! As I cut my friend circulation by gripping her arm, we
moved on forward and forward, fan by fan. We got our DVDs ready, wanting
him to sign them. People in the line had Chuckie dolls, Grima figures,
DVDs, etc. Halfway there, we noticed that Nat, Cookie and Nicole were
standing by the line, watching. So Lacy and I gave them our
not-for-seeing-Brad things. I kept my purse, which held my DVD of the Two
Towers and essentials, and my folder, which held the story Lacy wrote and
the drawing I drew that we wanted to give to him.

The Picture? It was a drawing of Lacy and I, in our LotR form, hugging
Grima's arms as he sat in the Throne of Theoden. She's more of a general
Brad Dourif fan, but a deep one. Myself, I love his movies, but it's Grima
in particular that I'm in love with. Which is why I HAD to see him.

Lacy just had her DVD of One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest. Eventually, we were
next to go, in line. The assistant guy told us the charges for an autograph
and such, but I wasn't listening. All I did was stare at him. And
sometimes, Brad would look at Lacy and I. Well, dressed as we were amongst
a bunch of sane and normal (?) people, I think we kinda stand out. And
then....we were next....

I'm surprised my bottom lip wasn't bleeding, cuz I was biting that thing
big-time! It was HIM! On his table were photos from his different
appearances and movies. I saw several BEAUTIFUL Grima ones. But I only had
enough money to get him to sign my DVD. Poo.

Lacy and I walked over, supressing our inner squeals and wantings to steal
him and run away from this rabble. But nonetheless, we reached his table
and he greeted us. He knew we were staring at him earlier. He loved our
costumes. Actually, everyone did. Lacy intro'ed the two of us and told him
that she had been wanting to see him since her childhood of watching the
Chuckie movies. I spoke, revealing my love for his character Wormtongue.

He was very polite, attentive to what we had to say. He appreciated our
fan-ism too. He seemed concise. Even though he only looked at me for a
moment, it froze me up for our eyes to meet. Thankfully, Lacy spoke with
him, discussing how she wanted to go in theater. As they spoke, I just
stared at him. Of course, she eventually had to ask me for her story, which
broke my spell. Once handed to her, I resumed staring longingly. He smiled,
he nodded, he replied, he breathed.........and then, Lacy had finished as
she turned him to me saying, "B is a GREAT artist."

!!! My trance was broken...and now it was my turn to speak with him. His
pool-colored eyes and angular face turned to me, the cat literally had my
tongue and my face burned. After having spoken with 5 big stars, chasing
after cosplayers, making conversation with cute cosplayers; I couldn't speak
straight. He was very patient with my upcoming struggle with words. He
tried to listen attentively. This was me, I'm not kidding, I stammered,
"U-uh, I u-mm-ummm... *look to my folder, then to him* ...wa-wanted to give
you... *looks to folder to find picture, but I seemed to forget everything*
...this p-pic... *that's when Lacy hit me* I -I wanted to give you this
picture that I drew o-of Lacy and I and you. *blushed as I found it and
hand it over* We signed it." He took it and complimented, "Fantastic."
That only made me blush harder, "Thank you. I'm trying to go into the art

He took my drawing, placed it under something of his and then asked if I
wantd anything. So, I gave him my Two Towers DVD for him to sign. He
signed his name and also wrote "Grima". He gave it back to me and I
proceeded to place it back into my purse, being just small enough to squeeze
in. As I did, he said, "Heh, you know, my girlfriend has a purse that looks
just like yours. I call it the Black Hole." Lacy and I laughed with him,
glad that the tension was gone. Now, it was photo time!

The assistant lady took Lacy's and mine cameras and Brad came around the
table. Lacy to his right, myself to his left, we held him and the lady took
the photos. We said thank you to him, but then it was time I made my
request. I asked him sheepishly and softly, causing Brad to lean over a
bit. "Would it be alright if we....kiss you on the cheek?" He said
sarcastically, "Oh alright." He stooped his head a bit, and we were
hesitant, but he spoke, "Go ahead, it's not going to kill me." There he
was, waiting to recieve. His beautiful face, in a profile view to me, was
there, open to me. I saw Lacy proceeding, so I leaned in and gave his cheek
a sweet kiss. Not a peck, a full-lips-on kiss. I shut my eyes, cherishing
the moment and absorbing the feeling. I pulled back from his face and
looked at him, knowing it was over.

Lacy and I thanked him again and walked away. I turned back to see the next
fans coming, with a baby stroller. Brad regained his compsure and sat at
the table and greeted the child inside, returning to the task of being the
actor. I smiled to myself, feeling like I now knew him better than everyone
else there, even if they did know his birth month ,or the names of his
daughters, or even every single movie he was in. I and my friend kissed
him. I don't know if he cherished our meeting as much as Lacy and I did,
but I know that I would like to do it again. We shall meet again, Melethron
nin, we shall meet again.... ^w^ Please?