Fan: Mahwlee
Event: Ring*Con

I can sum up this weekend by simply saying: heaven. This is what heaven will be like for me. Mr. Dourif is incredible. All of the stories I’d read about him being kind were not exaggerated- he really is just that nice! And his eyes are even more gorgeous in person. Gorgeous doesn’t even come close to describing his eyes- or the entirety of his person. He is transcendant. Never before have I met someone who was such a blending of honest kindness, overwhelming intelligence, and wordless beauty.

Saeryph and I went to see Brad speak all three times (twice on Saturday and once on Sunday.) Saturday he looked quite out of it, as he was on some medication after having oral surgery. Yet, being the God-like, incredible man he is, he still fielded everyone’s questions and gave wonderful, in-depth responses. Even to the vapid blonde Legolas fan who asked him, “What’s Orlando Bloom like?” He was quite animated, told the audience a story about Christopher Lee that was insanely amusing. And he did the Chucky voice. Swoon!

Both times on Saturday he got questions about: 1. Gríma’s tear in Orthanc (he said it was a mixture of awe and terror- and to get the tear he thought of his kids... awww! And he said that the scene was modeled after Triumph of the Will... which thrilled the geeky history girl in me.) and 2. to compare Piter in Dune to Gríma. He was also asked (several times) why he picks “evil” characters to play. Mr. Dourif went on to explain that he does not believe in good or evil- that people do bad things, horrible things to one another, but that it’s not a matter of ‘good’ and ‘evil’... (And the Existentialist in me was swooning into a little puddle on the floor.) He said that people use ‘evil’ as a cop-out to dehumanize ‘bad guys’, so then they can feel better about hating them, fearing them, or even killing them. (And my fangirlswoonypuddle begins to bubble in squealing glee. I love him, love him, love him!)

When asked what his favorite character he has played was, he said one that shocked me to no end- Farley from Grim Prarie Tales. Which was interesting, because in my opinion, that is the most ‘normal’ character Brad has ever played! So cute, though, with his derby hat and little glasses...

When Saeryph and I told him that we’re in love with Jack Dante from Death Machine, he looked very surprised. “Really?” Hah, it was very cute. The next day he told us that he wasn’t very happy with what he ultimately did with the character. But I still love Dante. Don’t we all? Those crazy jeans, that rubber chicken, the invitation to interface... And of course the gun-to-head-God-that-turns-me-on (me too!) scene. And his hair in that? Extensions! Not a wig. When Saeryph asked him if he had any stories about the making of Death Machine, he told us that he just remembered having to sleep on the extensions.

Sunday he seemed a lot more happy. Plus, the room was cut in half and we were sitting much closer. We ended up hanging out after the line went away, and it was just us and Brad (and his agent-bah.)

I told him that I absolutely loved his transformation in Horseplayer, that it was one of the most incredible things I’d seen any actor ever do. He said “Awwww... thank you!” Just how he says “Awww...”, it’s so precious. I just about melted. He told me that he was very happy with it, also, and he looked mildly surprised that I’d seen it. I wanted to ask him about Heaven’s Gate and his speaking of Polish in it, and a couple other questions, but alas... I was too caught up in watching him. He moves beautifully. His hands are gorgeous (and nice and warm, heheh.) He also holds eye contact when you speak with him, he is probably the most polite person I have ever met. Very humble, very intelligent and so, so sweet.

We got pictures taken- all four of us, and then each one individually with him. Saeryph, the lucky and brave girl- she kissed his cheek, he just smiled... I was stuck standing in front of him (ohmygodohmygod... not that I was complaining... it was quite enjoyable. He was nice and warm... Mmmm... and he rested his chin on my head, I felt studly Brad stubble on me, weeeee!) He smelled wonderful (that sounds like something a crazy fan girl would say... * eyedart * ) He smelled like, well... Brad in a leather jacket. I almost swooned, hah...

I saw him later when I was walking outside to join Saeryph and Nasubionna. I thanked him again for showing up, even though he had surgery, and told him that it meant so much to all of us that he was here. He smiled very kindly and bowed to me, and said, “Of course. Thank you.” He bowed. No one has ever bowed to me before. God, he has gorgeous eyes. Not just the fact that the color is lovely, but the intensity and intelligence that he carries in those eyes... it’s magnificent.

We bumped into him again when we were going around to the venders, I’m pretty sure that he thought that Saeryph and I were stalking him. Which we were, but he didn’t need to know that! We just wanted to look upon the glory that is Brad one last time... I hope so much that I get another opportunity to meet him. I’d love to just sit and discuss philosophy and cinema with him.

It was worth the thirty dollars just to get a chance to meet Brad. He’s a beautiful human being in all respects.