Fan: Mythistra
Event: Ring*Con, Washington

I did meet him, on Saturday at Ringcon- I got a really great signed Grima photo (If I can get the scanner to work, I'll upload it ASAP) and my two friends and I actually sat down on the floor right next to him, which was really surreal... I kept thinking if someone had told me a year ago that within a year I'd meet two cast members from my favourite movie of all time, and be sitting on the floor in a crowded hallway, right beside one of them with my friends in a year, I'd have just laughed. He looked kind of down though, and later I found out it was because he was sick and also had had a tooth taken out or something a day ago, so I can't blame him... but he stayed in good spirits and kept his sense of humour, and was a really neat, polite guy.

He did a Q&A, which was great... this 8-year-old boy asked him a question, I forget what, and part of his answer- to this kid!- was "I'm a whore. I'll do anything" which made my friends and I really crack up because they're pervy Brad fanciers (and have turned me into one myself ) so we were doing quite a bit of plotting, and part of our scheme involved ether and plaster. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. He came up with some great answers for some of the questions- for one he talked about how people aren't really evil, we do horrible things but it's part of humanity and evil can't be blamed, and I really had to agree with that, he said it very insightfully. On another question someone asked him, "What was your relationship with Ian McKellen?" and he replied with "I did NOT sleep with Ian McKellen" which pretty much had the entire room in hysterics. He really had some great answers, whether they were insightful or humourous... I pretty much became an instant fan. But he really did seem like a nice guy and I found myself thinking it'd be neat to actually get to know him.

Brad's definitely not 5'4" though... he was taller than I am, more like 5'10", we agreed. And I think that's about all there is to say... that ended up being a bit longer than I'd expected.