Fan: Nasubionna

  All I can really say is, what a beautiful, lovely man. He was sitting at his table, answering questions in that soft voice. Much of the stuff he said/answered I'd already read or heard about, but it was lovely to actually hear him say it. He fielded annoying questions with grace, and was very amusing at times. The main thing I remember him answering that I hadn't heard before was about Billy Bibbit, which surprised me, as I know he doesn't often talk about that movie. Someone asked how he got the stutter so well, and he said there were these huge books, like textbooks, compiled by professionals who study speech impediments. He got a hold of some to study. And he said something about reading stories onto a tape recorder, and taking note of where he kind of naturally stuttered or slipped up, and kind of went with that. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what he said. I was still dazed by being in same room with him. :)

Someone asked about the Gemini Killer, how he got that role, and he said Blatty (the director/author) specifically sought him out for it. Because the "other maniac they wanted" was too unwell to do it. I guess you had to be there, but it was funny. He also talked about what he liked and disliked about the Two Towers movie, confirmed that he will be in the 3rd movie, and said that 'artistic liberties' had been taken with Wormtongue's fate, but nothing too serious (much like how his character was given a nonexistent scene with Eowyn).

Then we got to line up for autographs. I met up with two Dourifites Livejournal friends, Saeryph and Mahwlee, and we waited until the line thinned out. I was freaking out, and when they finally pushed me up to the table, I was shaking and not able to really say anything coherent. I thrust the Grima portrait I drew at him, mumbled something like I thought his Grima was beautiful, and that I wanted him to have this picture. He seemed very surprised, said something like, "This is for me? Wow... what an interesting style.... Look," and showed his agent. I think he liked the drawing, or was just too polite to say otherwise. ;) He said thanks, and I asked if he would please sign the copy I made of it. He did. I got one other signed photo, and Saeryph gave him her Billy drawing, which he also seemed to really like. He kept saying "My girlfriend is really going to love this one".

Then, I asked for a picture with him, but my CRAPPY CAMERA BATTERY DIED!!!!! ARRRGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, Mahwlee got a pretty good one for me.
The 4 of us took a group shot together, and we all got hugs. XD Then we wandered off in a daze, babbling about the glory that is Brad. He was so kind, and soft-spoken and just lovely. I wish I wasn't so nervous, because I think I could have held a decent, albeit brief, conversation. Oh well.

And he's absolutely gorgeous. His hair was delightfully long and somewhat wild, and the fu manchu moustache is actually pretty nice in person. I didn't think I would like it, but I did. He looks so amazingly vibrant and young, despite recovering from recent oral surgery. And those eyes are incredible. I was in the *very* back of the room, and I could see them quite clearly. Lovely.

We just couldn't stay away, so after awhile, we went back to lurk some more, took a couple more pics of him talking to other fans, then got another group picture. My camera actually worked on this one, but unfortunately, his eyes were closed. Oh well. The other girls's pics turned out a bit better. Then a crabby man in a Boromir costume ushered us away, because it was time for the next scheduled event. :p

Overall it was a lovely experience. I hope I get to see him again someday, and do a little better at expressing my admiration for him beyond stuttering and blushing.