Fan: Nick
Date of meeting: May 1st, 2004
Place: UK
Event: Collectormania, April 30th - May 3rd 200

A few weeks ago my brother showed me an advert in Empire magazine for something called Collector Mania and Brad Dourif was listed as a guest. As he is my favourite actor I begged my father to give me a lift to Milton Keynes where it was being held on one of the four days.

Well yesterday I got out of bed at 5:15 am to do just that. When we finally found our way into the shopping centre that it was being held in, it was not hard to find where to go because we just followed the people dressed up as characters from Lord of the Rings. The first thing I did was search around for where Brad was doing his signings, which was also not hard because he walked right passed me, after forcing myself to recover from the shock I followed him round the corner and saw a lot of people queuing for something: It turned out they were all queuing for his table. After a while of standing and slowly moving this woman gave us a ticket and told us to come back when it was our turn in order to reduce queuing.

Anyway being a huge Star Wars fan I went off to find Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and got my Chewbacca figure signed, I then bought a few Batman comics from one of the stalls set up. And then I returned to Brad’s area waiting for my number to come up. When I finally got there I was practically speechless at meeting my idol, he signed my Grima Wormtongue figure (the only piece of LotR Merchandise I own) and posed for a photo with me (and my Chucky doll). I shook his hand and had a short conversation with him, then moved on for the rather large queue behind me so they could also meet him. Although I would have loved to speak to him a more than I did it was certainly worth all the time and effort. I hope he comes back to England again soon so I can meet him again.