Fan: Sara
Date of meeting: August 29-Sept.1, 2003
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Event: Dragon*Con 2003

Katherine, Atsuko, and Konstanze brad signing...

Kung Fu legend David Carradine David and Sara

Brad looking cute and inquisitive The Three Stooges...Brad, Jay, and Michael Jai White

looks like Brad is saying something... Brad and Sara

Konstanze, Brad, Atsuko, and Katherine Sara and Michael Jai White

Well to start, I didn’t even know I was going to D-Con until a month before so I was like work work work, get money & GO! So Nicole came & stayed with me then we flew out, she don’t like airports I have come to find out. I managed to score us a non-stop flight there & back GO ME! Nicole got us a room at the Marriott Marquis, damn nice place, so GO NICOLE! We thought we’d get put on a lower floor but got the 32nd which was so cool cause not 10 minutes after getting to our room, a big thunder n lighting storm started & we sat & watched it & it was beautiful. From there we went to get our D-Con badges & that took FOREVER, in reality it was like 2 ½ hours or so. We were glad to get that done for sure. From there we headed back to the room & ordered pizza from room service, good pizza too. It was fun to just chill in the room since we ended up being totally dirty & pervy & writing some good fic.

Come the first day I was kinda wishin I had a costume to wear, but then again I was already roasting in the t-shirt n shorts I had on. I did manage to get some good pics of people in their costumes though. We spent a lot of time at the Walk of Fame & had a blast doin so, not to mention we met some cool people. Brad Dourif, Lou Ferrigno, Ray Park, Marc Singer, & Patrick Kilpatrick were among them. I got my pic with everyone I just listed as well as others. I was a total camera whore the whole time too hehe I think I used 7 rolls of film in all. My reasoning was that most of them prob wouldn’t even come out due to bad lighting & being bumped by everyone, but alas, almost all of them came out great, so I ended up with like 200 pics or so.
I got to admit that I ended up with a huge ass crush on Patrick Kilpatrick. The first panel Nicole & I went to was for the X-Files & the guests were Brad & Patrick. Was so much fun & from there we hit the Walk of Fame & I got my pic taken with Patrick. Ok its time to insert a drool here hehe. I swear I never wanted to take someone home with me so badly in my life. He probly thought I was stalkin him or something since every time he turned around there I was with my trusty camera. I told you I was a camera whore & I meant it. I wasn’t just focused on him though, I wandered all over. I must say that Patrick was really nice, & charming as all get out, not to mention he gives GREAT hugs hehe.
Ok moving on. I just had such a great time meeting everyone & floating around. Brad Dourif is such a nice guy, so quiet & sweet; I hope I get to meet him again. I have to say that one of the best parts of the whole trip was when Nicole met Brad, lemme just say that it was so sweet (check out her report to get details, she is Sybelle). His agent Jay is hella cool too & I want to thank him for buying me a coke (I still have the sacred Jay coke can too haha). We went to David Carradine’s concert & it was really cool. David is such a nice guy & I really enjoyed meeting him since I have watched his work since I was little, I’m a huge kung fu fan. Got my pic taken with him too & it is one of the few that I plan on enlarging & framing, my dad has already requested a copy lol.
Now I must say that Lou Ferrigno & Marc Singer are two of the sweetest human beings on the face of the earth. I got my pic with both of them several times. Lou is so big & has the heart to match. Marc called me sweetheart & darlin like 100 times durin the weekend & I loved it. He prob does that with a lot of people but I don’t care, he is just so nice. Ray Park is so cute its not even funny. I also got my pic with him twice & I have to say that I could never get tired of that accent he has. Precious is the word I would use to describe him. Nicole & I had a great time meeting Noah Hathaway as well. Now I must say that I didn’t know that there were people that adorable. He is so tiny, cute & a total sweetheart. Now I got to meet Michael Jai White as well & let me tell ya, that man is beautiful. Only word I know to describe him, not just physically either. He was such a nice person & you got this feeling of calm around him. To tell the truth he reminded me a lot of my older brother, just being golden. I don’t know how else to describe it so I won’t try. I also got to meet Cynthia Rothrock, Tom Wilson & Raven. There were others there that I saw but didn’t meet, like James Marsters, Rowdy Roddy Piper & Christopher Judge. Christopher is another man I would say is beautiful & I have to say he has one of the most gorgeous smiles I have ever seen. Every time I walked by he had a huge smile on his face or he was laughing so he always had a glow about him. If his line hadn’t been so long I would have jumped at the chance to meet him. If he is at another con I go to I will make the time.
Aside from all that, I met some awesome people & made some good friends. Katy, Indigo, Tyler, Katherine, Angel, Caitlyn, Konstanze, Atsuko, Molly, Ellen, Carrie & Katharine. Forgive me if I missed anyone or misspelled any names. Wish I could have spent more time with you guys but there is always next year!!

Post – Con
Come Monday afternoon things were pretty much dead so Nicole & I went to the Hyatt & hung out with Katy, Indigo, Tyler, Ellen & Katharine. We just talked about the con & the times we had. Eventually we had to get back to say our good byes & get back to our room. It was too soon man, I think we could have been there another 4 days & still wanted more time. I’m glad we made some new friends & had such a good time. We had to get ready for an early start the next morning so our hotel room awaited us & unwound by talking more about the con & everything that happened. I can’t wait to go back next year.