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Other Brad sites perfect tribute to Brad in German

Nasubionna's Brad Dourif Tribute:: high quality screencap gallery and exquisite fan art :: Excellent site with a LOT of cute hand-made dolls and Grima/ Brad art.

BradDourif.web:: Japanese Brad page. Excellent screencaps and site :: Russian Brad site

LonSuderOnline :: Tribute to Brad's Star Trek Voyager character Lon Suder

Brad Dourif: The Ghetto Fan Page:: The creepiest fanpage out there. Lots of laughs.

Dreams Album:: Alma's Brad Dourif Dreams Album complete with fan art quad-lingual site in spanish, german, english and french.

Brad Dourif:: Obscure Actor pic of the month

Fanlistings-all listed are official and approved by

Brad Dourif Fanlisting

Hazel Motes Fanlisting

Piter De Vries Fanlisting

Charles Lee Ray Fanlisting

Grima Wormtongue Fanlisting

Jack Dante Fanlisting

Aliens Fanlisting

Grima Wormtongue Sites

Go Grima Very twisted Grima fansite, filled with fan art and the adventures of the Grima Action Figure

Grima Fanfiction Archive:: Everything from G to NC-17

Grima Club:: Club/Listing of Grima Wormtongue fans

The Grima Wormtongue Misunderstood Foundation:: MSN Group

Grima Girls Haven:: fansite that totally dedicated to Grima

Grima Fansite

Like a morning of pale spring

Eowyn/Grima fanfiction archive

Grima Girls of

Brad related Yahoo! Groups

Brad Dourif Appreciation Society:: This group replaced the message board at it was still around). It was the ONLY Brad related community/group on the web when TTT came out. It is run by a wonderful woman named Ingrid

Die Dourifettes:: Konstanze's Brad Dourif group (in German)

Brad Dourif Fan Spot:: Brad Dourif Yahoo! Group

Grima Wormtongue:: Grima Wormtongue Yahoo! Group

Grima's Lair:: Grima Wormtongue Yahoo!

Brad Dourif Simplement:: French Brad Dourif Yahoo! Group

LiveJournal Brad Communities

The Fu Manchus:: Silly Brad community. It's a place to post funny image alterations and just overall crazy stuff. Will be continued even after the fu manchu is shaved off.

Dourifites:: Brad fan community

Do Me Grima:: Grima Wormtongue Community

Grima Fans:: Grima Wormtongue Community

Leechcraft:: Grima Wormtongue Community

Yummy Grima:: Grima Wormtonue Community

Miscellaneous Sites (my host)