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Music Clips

· Transylvania Remix by Trista and Tosha

Music Videos

· The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
· Alien Resurrection
· One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
· The X-Files: Beyond the Sea
· Death Machine
· Star Trek Voyager

(thanks to Trista and Tosha for these!)


· Brad on the Special Edition TTT DVD
    › Banishment of Eomer
    › Spitting on Aragorn's Hand
    › The Beauty of Edoras
    › His West Virginian Accent

· Brad is featured on the T-Mobile German website, promoting The Lord of the Rings.
    View the short commercial: Modem   ISDN   T-DSL

Interview about Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
(In Real Player format)

· Intereview at TTT premiere

· Interview With Brad About Grima Wormtongue

· Edoras, the Rohan Capital, video

· Forces of Darkness video

After a LONG time trying to figure out how to get this:

video from, I finally figured out how/where to get it! (they had the interview linked here but it didn't work)
It's kind of confusing, but here's how to do it.
      1. go here:
      2. Look for the 'Video Search' box. This is not the big SEARCH box, but the tiny one, to the right of the video box at the top.
      3. type in 'dourif'
      4. when the search results come up(there should be only one result) click on either 100K or 300K, depending on your internet connection speed.
The video will open up, at the top, on the page. It worked for me, but it might not work for everyone else. It isn't the best quality, but it is really cool to see Brad talk about playing the character Saavedro, and his love for computer games. Random info: Brad says he likes to play the SIMS---awesome!

Short takes from Brad's Movies

>> 'Body Parts'
    · "Goddammit, who is that?" 2.45MB
    · "Okay, you got my attention." 1.03MB
    · "Yeah? What'd he do with your arm?" 2.55MB

>> 'Soulkeeper'
    · 'Come in, gentlemen...' 630KB
    · 'Please, gentlemen. Sit down' 2.69MB
    · '..but because of a strong heart..' 1.37MB

>> 'Cypress Edge'
    · 'I'm just trying to pay my condolences..' 2.10MB
    · 'Where's his wheels?' 1.16MB
    · 'I could take him down he better start kissing my sweet ass' 1.11MB
    · 'stop fucking around, cousin!! 1.71MB

>> 'Best Men'
    · 'May I make a suggestion?' 971KB
    · 'I guess, I'm what most people commonly refer to as the disgruntled Vietnam vet' 3.04MB
    · 'A uniform DOES NOT make a soldier' 2.68MB

>> 'Babylon 5: Passing Through Gethsemane'
    · 'I'm sure that the captain has better things to do with his time' 1.24MB
    · 'Death Walks Among You' 1.57MB
    · 'Things have been happening...terrible things' 1.06MB
    · 'It was right here, I saw it!' 710KB
    · 'I think I would have remembered a black rose' 771KB
    · 'Gamblings' one if the lesser sins' 450KB
    · 'Hello! Hello!' 537KB

>> 'Fatal Beauty'
    · 'They want it, the cure!' .97MB
    · 'Hey!! EARL!' 1.63MB

>> 'Spontaneous Combustion'
    · 'What goes thy heart with this?' 1.29MB
    · 'Just when we agree to sell the house she leases it out.' 808KB
    · 'Students and faculty.' 650KB
    · 'two people died. Two people I know..' 1.84MB

>> 'Istanbul'(thanks to Konstanze I sent my copy of Istanbul to her to clip this)
    · 'was in the land of trouble..was in the land of scorn' 2.86MB
    · 'Well since my baby left me, I found anew place to dwell' 984KB
    · 'blelebele, blehblehbleh..' 1.22MB
    · 'I'm dressing myself, what have we here?' 1.13MB
    · 'bee! bee!!' 613KB
    · 'Willie, you don't understand, and I CAN'T EXPLAIN TO YOU WHAT IT DOES TO ME!' 2.52MB
    · 'I even shacked up with a woman once, fooled around a little bit' 1.42MB

>> 'Ring*Con 2002' (thanks to Konstanze)
    · 'It's the best thing that has happened to me in a while' 1.32MB
    · 'The truth? This isn't the first movie I've been in' 3.18MB
    · 'If you are a guest on a series..' 6.04MB
    · 'Remember, Christopher Lee was dracula' 1.58MB
    · 'Physical? OH YEAH!' 2.87MB
    · 'Shaving the eyebrows, eh?' 4.17MB
    · 'No. Grima Wormtongue is a really great role' 1.73MB
    · 'I'm a whore' 1.27MB
    · 'I'm gonna tell this story' 6.47MB
    · 'Grima had a weakness: That he can't belong' 3.48MB

>> 'Alien: Resurrection'
    · 'Fork.' 496KB
    · Kissy Kissy Alien! 1.09MB
    · Observing Ripley 270KB
    · Alien escapes...Gediman is taken 781KB

>> 'Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers'
    · 'Why do you lay these troubles on an already troubled mind?' 547KB
    · staring at eowyn 332KB
    · 'You see much Eomer, son of Eomund..' 555KB
    · 'He must have died sometime in the night' 1.95MB
    · 'Theoden will not stay at Edoras' 1.06MB
    · 'How can fire undo stone?' 613KB

>>**Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers special!**
    · · 'Interview with Orlando Bloom at the World Premiere of TTT. Brad is in the background 1.44MB
    · · Clips from the teaser trailer, our first look at Grima Wormtongue 1.22MB

>> 'Star Trek Voyager: Meld'
    · 'Holographic violence does not give the same sensation as the real thing' 310KB
    · I didn't like the way he looked at me' 781KB
    · 'Most betazoids can sense other people's emotions' 394KB

>> 'Star Trek Voyager: Basics I'
    · 'please come in, won't you sit down' 392KB
    · 'The Tuvok Orchid' 238KB

>> 'Star Trek Voyager: Basics II'
    · 'If you don't trust yourself, then trust me' 534KB
    · 'NO! No drugs, I just need to breathe, see the light that is my breath' 804KB

>> THe X-Files: Beyond the Sea
    · 'The soul of Luther Boggs drowns in hell's sea of fire' 392KB
    · 'The dead, the living...all souls are connected' 228KB
    · 'Dana, Fox. Please understand that..' 696KB
    · 'Mr. Boggs must be made redemptive..' 387KB
    · 'let's deal' 391KB
    · 'There was that one time when I was 14, and my parents had gone to bed.' 1.13MB
    · 'Don't underestimate my fear of dying..' 762KB
    · execution 333KB

>> Child's Play I
    · 'Eddie! Eddie! Don't leave me, God no!' 219KB
    · being shot 362KB
    · chanting 1.01MB

>> Cuckoo's Nest
    · 'B-b-billy B-b-bibbit' 219KB
    · 'I was in l-l-love with her' 362KB
    · 'I can can explain everything' 1.01MB

>> 'Toto's 'Stranger in Town''
    · running and falling 219KB
    · running and dissapearing 362KB
    · walking into the barn 1.01MB
    · being given water 219KB

>> 'Death Machine'
    · 'You, are a hot jelly baby' 1.15MB
    · 'I showed him my thing, and it killed him' 641KB
    · 'Turning me off won't turn you off..' 163KB
    · 'You should have run away when you had the chance...why didn't you just go away?' 2.69MB

>> 'DUNE'
    · 'It is by will alone I set my mind in motion' 305KB
    · 'And I have here your answer..' 728KB
    · 'I knew you were his wife..I've thought of mant pleasures with you'696KB