So now we all know that Brad will not be in The Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King, theatrical version. It is the nature of the industry to cut out vital parts of movies, and it does suck. Imagine being the editor and haveing to make those kinds of decisions. Hey, that's life.

Remember guys, it is a hard job to cut scenes from a movie. I am kind of upset, but remember that Brad had many wonderful experiences in New Zealand, and that the experience itself was amazing. Also, remember we have DEADWOOD to look forward to in the spring! I'm psyched by that.

Do you want your voice heard over this outrage? Or do you think it was a good idea for PJ to cut the Saruman death scene? Express your opinion and be heard by filling out this form. See the feedback below the form.

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Here are your responses:

Brad fan Diane writes:
First, I hate to see Grima die, but that's Tolkien's fault, not Jackson's. That aside, it is absolutely ridiculous for Jackson to cut Saruman's death scene from ROTK. Saruman has been built up as THE villain of the trilogy, and now he just disappears off camera? It's misguided at best. The scene should have been in TTT, yes, but failing that, it should have been in ROTK. It's a major part of the story line, and Frodo centered plot or not, it needs to happen A LOT MORE than 7 minutes of tearful hobbits, running horses, or gratuitous dwarf humor needed to happen. Bad directorial decision, Mr. Jackson. I feel for the fans, for Mr. Lee, and for Brad Dourif, all of whom have been ripped off by Jackson's poor editing judgment. However, as someone has pointed out, it's the extended editions of the DVD that we'll be watching in a few years, and if the Grima/Saruman scenes make it back into those, I will (eventually) be appeased. Mr. Dourif, if you read these comments, my condolences. Your character deserved
better than this.

Brad fan Fantaskizzle writes:
Well I just saved myself about $40 by not seeing this movie five times.

Brad fan Tara writes:

I think its disgusting. The death of saruman and grima is i feel a major part to the plot. How are we going to know he'd dead?Are people who havn't readthe book just going to be left thinking that Saruman and Grima survived and arn't dead? What about the Palantir. Surely that's gotta be in there! That's a mjor part of the plot. If Grima doesnt throw it who does? An angry orc??? If PJ leaves it like this, the whole plot for Return of the King will be ruined.

Brad Fan Beverley Norris writes:
This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard. I was totally trusting Peter Jackson to stick to some of the plot of Tolkien's work.
I CANNOT understand why anyone in their right mind would cut out a vital part of the story! Also how can anyone cut out such a talented actor?Also how can anyone cut out such a loved character as Grima...I feel like crying...
I certainly wont be going to see rotk in the cinema more than once now.....I have to write to Peter Jackson...

Brad Fan Anilcan Taskiran writes:
I am feeling upset so much about this. How could they do this, I didn't
understand. Grìma Wormtongue is one of the most important evil roles in THE LORD OF THE RINGS, I think..

Brad Fan Jill writes:
I am devastated to hear Brad's scene of Grima killing Saruman has been cut from Return of the King. As this is one of his best roles, in a seriously good film (an all too rare an occurrence for him) I think it is a crying shame! I understand the director has to make cuts somewhere, but the death of Saruman is an essential part of the story - justice being done - it would have been nice if we had been given the opportunity of seeing justice being done!

Brad fan Natalie writes:
what!?! why?! that makes no sense. what a disapointment!! =(

Brad Fan Michelle writes:
Very depressed actually. I noticed the change on Brad's imdb page and e-mailed the Yahoo web group, only to find my worst fears confirmed...

I appreciate that Peter Jackson has has a massive job in bringing Tolkien's epic to the screen and I think that he has done a superb job on the whole. Yet, with his deletion of Grima and Sauruman from the final installment, he has spoiled the film. I realise that the scouring of the Shire had been long since disposed of and that consquently Grima and Sauruman's exit from the tale would have to be revised but to
be cut completely? That I can't understand.I'm seriously considering as to whether to miss the theatrical film completly and to wait for the Extended Edition - I didn't pick up the first version of the Two
Tower's so that I could buy more Grima goodness. I'd be interested to see what others think...

Brad Fan Mandy Bug writes:
I'm angered saddened by it.I feel like they're messing up the story big time. We need more story, and less eye candy. So I'm going to wait for the Special Edition
DVD to come out before I buy it.

Brad Fan Erebor writes:
I can't quite fathom why people are reacting as if Brad and Mr. Lee have been banished from the film. They will be in the extended edition, which most of us consider THE movie (i.e, some of us consider the theatrical releases to be extended trailers for the real thing!!) It's the extended edition that will stand the test of time, not the truncated theatrical version.

Accept that compromises have to be made and that sometimes gratification has to be delayed.

Braf Fan Erika L E. writes:
I think the mistake was not putting it in the Two Towers where it belonged--it would NOT have broken up the movement of the movie to have dealt with Sauraman and Grima before ending with the scenes with Frodo and Sam and Gollum. I think it would be harder to fit seemlessly into RoTK however, bit still doable--this really seems like
a marketing ploy to make more money ('cause we all know they haven't made a cent so far...oh wait a minute...)

Brad fan Jace writes:
Poor Brad!!! ;__; I am royally ticked off! Grima is one of his best roles ever! I don't believe this! I was so excited about ROTK and all the hoopla that's coming with it, and this news casts a horrible black shadow on the whole thing. What would leaving in these 7 little minutes have hurt?! Its not as if these scenes are not important to the story. Surely there were plently of other parts the editors could have snipped out? I know that when I see ROTK I'll be thinking, "now if they had just taken out 2 minutes of this... and a little of this boring part here... then they could have worked Grima in." 9_9 What a rip-off! I've been hasseling my friends and family since TTT came out about how cool the Saruman and Grima death scenes will be in in ROTK. That was one of the things I was looking forward to most, and now we'll all have to wait pretty much another full year to see it. But I am thankful that the scenes will appear on the DVD and are not being cut out completely, thank god! I feel so bad for Brad Dourif and Christopher Lee! <__> They really are being cheated. You can be sure I'll be wearing my Grima costume to the ROTK line parties and events this December to show my support for a very underappreciated actor and character!

Brad Fan Sliven writes:
No Wormtongue in ROTK? None at all?!? There goes the reason to why I'd like to watch that movie. OK, I will see it anyway, but will I enjoy it as much as I'd hoped? No! I will be an extremely displeased costumer who will have to wait an eternity for the special-edition to be released, where I might (and might not, right?) just see what I've longed for. Seriously, what are they thinking? What about the palantír-scene? Wormtongues arrival at Isengard? Not even as a flashback? Cutting out the death-scenes of Wormtongue and Saruman seems odd, too, but then again, I don't know where they'd planed to put an end to this movie, maybe they'll just put up a huge million-dollar war-scene and end it at that, victory for the good guys, the end. If so, then; their loss. I'm upset. And worse; I'm disappointed. So disappointed.

Brad fan Mellá writes:
I have no idea how the omission of Saruman's death at the hand of his faithful servant Gríma can allow for a sense of completion as the trilogy comes to an end. Saruman and Gríma represent a vital thread in the storyline of Middle Earth. Their actions, motivations and ultimate fate are key to the social and political climates which inspired J.R.R. Tolkein to create his saga to begin with. I can imagine Christopher Lee's shock to learn of the omission of these characters from the theatrical release of the film, since he had known Professor Tolkein personally, and knew most intimately what the story and charaters were all about. At the same time he is a veteran of film and stage & doubtlessly knows how works of art are changed for the worse when processed through the cinematic mill. I had been looking forward to seeing Gríma again on the big screen but now I doubt I'll attend the theatrical release. I'll wait for the complete & unabridged version of the story to be released in its proper form.

Brad Fan Erendis writes:
I feel it is bad judgement to remove the death of Saruman from the movie. Saruman has been built up to be the main villain in the flesh and now he will simply be an unanswered question? A loose end? How disappointing. I must say I expected better judgement when it comes to remaining true to the famous narrative. I understand that time is a factor, but how can the crucial closure of the novel be ignored? How sad. How very sad. . .

Brad Fan Lake writes:
Well, I find it disappointing. I don't understand Peter Jackson's reasoning but I guess it's his movie at the end of the day.

Brad fan Steel writes:
I'm totaly raged!!! I do not know what to say. It's all wrong. WHY!?!?!
There has got to be something we can do!

Brad fan Dourif Nymphet writes:
textarea: Well now what am I supposed to use as incentive to live?

Brad fan Christina writes:
They cut the Grima\Saruman death scene?! No wonder the professor(Tolkien) didn't want his books to be put on film. For exactly this reason: Some producer/director would screw it up. Can *you* hear the disgusted groan from Tolkiens' grave?

Brad fan Leilû writes:
No Grima?! There goes my whole reason for seeing ROTK! Guess I'll just save the money that was going to go to the overpriced cinema and spend it on the Extended DVD instead....

Brad fan maureen writes:

it's a bloody shame. i was really looking forward to that bit of the
movie..and it's a huge letdown that not only will a vital part of the book be cut out... but the best character will be as well! i feel that if this goes unamended, i have no choice but to kick some movie director

Brad fan Nihan Ateº writes:
Shame on you Mr Jackson!
Shame on you...
I couldn't stop myself
I am still in shock

Brad fan Elisa Anna-Maria Sutinen writes:
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ok...This is it! I hate Peter Jackson! First that BLOND Legolas was big mistake and now this. (this post has been edited~K)

Brad fan Nihan Ates writes:
how could Peter Jackson do that!I was planning to see that movie 5 times but now I changed my mind!

Brad fan Alica writes:
This just isn't right. It's not fair to the actors and it's not fair to
the fans.

Brad fan Lulu writes:
from the aintitcool website:
We have decided to save the Saruman sequence for the DVD. It's a great little scene. 7 mins long. Chris is wonderful, as usual. Brad is in about 6 shots. It was a film maker decision - nothing to do with the studio.
yes I can see now that 7 mins yes 7 MINS would be too too long for any cinema audience to watch..this smeels like bullshit to me, I think, and its only my opinion that Christopher Lee is being paid back for constantly going on about the discrepancies between the books and the film, poor Brad gets booted out aswell, what a crock of sh*te

Brad fan Cattis writes:
I was just so surprised about the news, I mean, how can they do such a thing.
I would like Peter Jacksons comment on this.
Why are they doing it? why? They have spoiled all my expectations about the last film.

Brad fan Scott Fish writes:
This is a terrible things to do, it should not have happened and the news should not have got out the way it has done. It shows a complete lack of respect from Peter Jackson and the production team at New Line. Brad Dourif and Christopher Lee are great actors and deserve better than this. A very poor decision.

Brad fan Sue Pepiak writes:
I am outraged that both Brad and Christopher Lee have been cut. They are both amazing actors who did exceptional jobs with the roles they played. I just don't understand it. As a huge Tolkien fan I have to say that I want this final film to be as perfect and as faithful to the story as it can be. Without these two crucial parts, a very important thread of the story is being left out. This makes me worry that the final film will not be the quality product that it should be. Since LOTR is my favorite literary work of the 20th century, it's really important to me that this film be done right. I can only hope Peter Jackson comes to his senses.

Brad fan k8 tha sk8 writes:
Well, i think it was a stupid choice just because now no one's gunna know what the hell happened to them, like they just disapeared. But that's just my opinion. I don't know if I can buy a Grima T-shirt, but I will totally rock a homemade one if i must!

Brad fan Melissa writes:
I think it is sooo wrong, hes a pivital character! And we need to see what happens to him and saruman! For people who don't get EE the movie will not make sense. Its not right. It will ruin a brilliant, a truly brilliant, trilogy.

Brad fan Hasty Ent writes:
This sucks. Grima is only in six shots??? As if!!! What a rip off. I hope his death is sad. I doubt it will be, but I can still hope, right? *sigh* On the first extended DVD (for the fellowship), the writers said that most of the times they tried to go a different way from the book, they realised that tolkien actually knew what he was doing. Why haven't they learned from their mistakes?

Grima and Saruman's death should be in the right place: in the scouring of the shire. The major point tolkien was trying to make in this chapter is that after so much bad had happened, things CANNOT go back to the way they were. It also showed that the hobbits were strong and could look after themselves and their people. I loved that chapter, it was so sad.

I understand why they can't put the scouring of the shire in the movies, but they need to explain saruman's death. They can't just expect the audience to thing that saruman and grima were killed by the ents.

The Extended versions are so much better than the theatrical ones. They should release the extended version of RotK in cinemas, that would be waaaay better.

Oh well. At least we wont have to sit through the audience cheering as grima gets shot in the head by legolas. *mumble mumble* stupid pointy eared ponce. And we'll save being embarassed when we jump up and yell obscenities at the elf.



Nice to see some opinions! Keep them coming, guys!