First off, I'd like to thank Brad Dourif for being such a totally out of this world actor. This site is dedicated to Mr. Dourif, with the goal of introducing his talents to the rest of the world. Hopefully I have done him justice. I love to work on this site. It is never really burdensome, and always fun to add to.

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Tons of thank-yous to Trista and Tosha. They are responsible for the lovely short clips from Brad's movies and the music videos. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks to Nicole(Sybelle) for being such a good friend and drawing a picture of Colin McCammon and having Brad autograph it for me. He signed it, "Bradford C. Dourif".

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Thanks to Lilith for the pics from "Flashback Weekend"

Thanks to Melissa for sending in extra info about the Best of Both Worlds Convention.

Kostanze, my preccccious. Who buys Brad movies and screencaps them for our viewing pleasure.Thank you for your help.

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Thanks to Cuddlehobbit who took pics of Brad at Ring*Con 2002, in Bonne, Germany. She sent them to Sigrdrifa, who then sent them to Grima, who scanned them just for me(and Thank you so much guys! I can't believe that people go through this trouble for me!

Massive thanks to Gandalffan1972, who got permission from the person who took pics of Brad at Ring*Con 2003(Washington), to give permission to me to use them...which sounds confusing, but is what happened. *feels special because people have gone through a lot of trouble to get me things and I didn't even know it*

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