I have gotten a lot of email from people asking me the same questions. So, I decided it was time to make a FAQ section(all the answers are "to my knowledge)
>Q. Who has helped out with this website?
    >A. Well, a lot of people. You can see a full list in the Thanks section.

>Q: Has Brad seen your site?
    >A: Yes, he has. He and his girlfriend liked the 'Brad in Blue Shirts' section a lot.

>Q: Are you Brad?
    >A: I am not Brad, nor am I claiming to be. I am simply a fan, who felt like making a website for her favorite actor, out of admiration and respect.

>Q: Can you get me an autograph from Brad?
    >A: well, since I don't know Brad, that would be hard for me to do. The best thing I can tell you is to write his agency, and he MIGHT be able to tell you how to get one.

>Q:TheOneRing.net says that Brad is 5'4, and you say he is 5'11. What is his real height?
    >A.Brad is DEFINITLY around 5'11". I am 5'7, and he was taller than me by about 4 inches.

>Q: How old is Brad? I've heard he's 43?
    >A: Brad is 53. Yes, he is well preserved, and does NOT look his age.

>>Q:Have you ever met Brad?
    >A. Yes. You can read about my encounters with him on the Dragon*Con and Comic*Con pages.

>Q: Is this Brad's Official site?
   >A: NO. From what I have heard, Brad does not want an official site. BradDourif.net, and Dourif.net are all run by fans. None of our sites are official.

>Q: Is Brad married?
    >A: no/

>Q: Has Brad ever been married?
    >A: to my knowledge, Yes.

>Q: Does Brad have any children?
    >A: yeah, but I don't concern myself with that part of his life. Don't email me asking about it, your email will be deleted.

>Q: Who is that lady with the curly hair in all of those pictures from The Two Towers premieres? She's really pretty, do you know her name?
    >A: to my knowledge, that is Brad's girlfriend, Claudia. Yes, she is gorgeous

>Q: What is Brad's religion?
    >A: Like Hell I know!! I don't really care.

>Q: What conventions does Brad do?
    >A: I post everyhting I hear about conventions in the events section

>Q: Can you give Brad a message for me?
    >A: No

>Q: Can you give me Brad's email address?
    >A: No

>Q: How can I write Brad a letter?
    >A: I have his agent's snail mail addres in the contact section

Have any questions that have not been answered here? then by all means email me