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Brad Fan Alysa
message for Brad: "You probably hear this a lot, but I think you are a great actor. My favorite movies are One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and The Two Towers. I also thought you were good as Luther Lee Boggs in the X-Files."

Brad Fan Rebecca, 32
message for Brad: "I'm so glad you ended up playing Grima Wormtongue! You were the perfect choice! Because of that I went and watched a bunch of your movies from the past. WOW! You are an unbelievably wonderful actor! I love the way you make the viewer actually like the bad guy ;)"

Brad Fan Amanda Burchett, 20
message for Brad: "Hey, Brad! I've been a fan of yours since I was about 17 or so, give or take a couple of years. I think you're one of the best actors I've seen, and I for one respect you very much! The Two Towers was the first movie I've seen with you in it on the big screen! That was cool!
Well, I'm sure you've got better things to do than read my big book, so lemme wrap this up.
Rock on, Brad!

Brad Fan Christina C., 24
message for Brad: " Hello Mr. Dourif! (How can this be said)? You are brilliant! In every T.V movie that I have seen you in, I can't help but think 'there isn't enough Brad content'. Your voice wraps around the listener like a warm blanket and then smothers them when the madness hits, the viewer is moved to tears, then laughter and ultimately, horror...and compassion. You make dreams and nightmares come alive in the characters you portray- In the book,LOTR, Grima made me cry- In the movie, he did the same- It was obvious the amount of thought that went in to Grima- no one else could have been him except for you!
O.k... This message is now a novel...
Good luck in all of your endeavours-
Take care,

Brad Fan Tessa, 18
message for Brad:
I just want to say GREAT WORK in Lord Of The Rings- The Two towers.

Brad Fan Audrey, 19
message for Brad:
O Mr. Dourif, you are mighty keen,
Some of the dudes you played were mighty mean,
Eowyn should've chosen Grima as her man to boff,
In Alien, Resurrection, you got your head half bitten off.
O Mr. Dourif, how you thrill with each tear that falls down your eye,
It makes me so happy, I don't feel my thighs inflate from eating pie,
You played a plastic punk named Charles Lee Ray, And when he shouts 'AH DE DOO WE DEM BALAAAAAAH' - ah! How that makes us sway.

O Mr. Dourif, you are oh so cool, like I said,
I noticed that in the Two Towers, Grima's wart moved around his head,
You were in a fuckload of movies, but not The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,
I don't have enough money or resources to see all of them, and for
that, I am sorry.

O Mr. Dourif, you are mighty spiffy,
My stupid poem will be done in a jiffy,
Damn, this stupid poem is tacky,
I speak with love, but if you read it, please don't kill me.

Brad Fan Amanda, 23
message for Brad: well, at risk of sounding like a babbling idiot *smiles sweetly* i think you rock! :D i think you are a great actor, that is too often overlooked! you blew my mind as grima, and i've been a 'fan' (hate that word) of yours for about 13 years since i first saw 'cuckoo's nest' when i was about 10.....yeah! i am a babbling idiot! hehe

Brad Fan Rosanne N., 16
message for Brad: Mr. Dourif, I have been a fan of yours for two months since I saw your wonderful performance in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I just want to say that I think you're a very talented and astounding actor who puts his whole being into the roles he receives. Thanks for gracing countless movies with your awe-inspiring acting. May your future projects bring you success as well as a sense of fulfillment. Sincerely, Rosanne N.

Brad Fan Eleonor, 21
message for Brad: Hello! I have to say one thing: you're a great actor. I really mean that. My vote goes to Grima.

Brad Fan Marikay, 24
message for Brad:Its taken a long time for me to think about what I wanted to say to you Mr.Dourif. I could say the Normal things all of your fans feel. That your a Great actor and all that. But I Kinda feel thats redundant. I desided I wanted to tell you how much you have helped me in my life. Your Movies give me Comfort and insparation. Ive had a few pretty hard years lately with being sick and disabled and all and Its taken a lot to Pull though and I wouldnt have been able to if it wasnt for you. Alot of my current Art is dedicated to you. I hope some day I can meet you in person and show you the dolls I made of you and thank you for adding a little light to my very dark world. Thank You Mr.Dourif. -love and Iam Marikay

Brad Fan Molly, 21
message for Brad: Hi... We met at RingCon in Washington, in February. I was giggling fangirl #2 (the blonde in black that loved 'Horseplayer', if you remember at all...) I wish that I would have had more time to talk with you and thank you for all of your wonderful rolls. You have an exquisite ability. I fall in love with all of your characters, from campy to serious, I adore them all. Not only are you a talented man, but you are also the most beautiful, gorgeous creature ever to grace this planet. You have a kindness and an intensity that I've never experienced in another human being, and it was lovely to just be in your presence. Intelligence, too, is something that I admire about you. Hearing you speak at RingCon, reading interviews with you... and seeing you in your rolls. It's obvious that you invest so much in your characters, your passion and brilliance shine through. You are a god. I wish you all of the best in the future and look forward to seeing more movies with you.

Brad fan Shellie, 26
message for Brad: I think you're a great actor, and was amazed at your portral of Grima. I've always believed him to be a sympathetic character, but all of my friends thought I was daft... until they saw the MOVIE version of Twin Towers. Now they at last understand! Poor unloved Grima. Would he be such a bad guy if somebody would just CARE about him?

Brad fan Aubrey Hartman, 26
message for Brad: Hello Brad! I'm glad i finally get this chance to get a message to you. I've been a fan of yours for many years. I just wanted to let you know that i think your a wonderful actor. I loved you as Lon Suder and Dr. Gediman! And how could i forget Jack Dante? Great job! I wish you the best of luck in all that you do! Stay safe and have a wonderful day! Love you always!
Aubrey Hartman
Brad fan Grace,19
message for Brad: Mr. Dourif, I would like to express my deep gratitude and thanks for everything you've brought to the movie/television industry. You're a fabulous actor and I admire the spirit and energy you put into your characters, most of whom I can really sympathize with (like Grìma, for example. ^_^). I deeply admire you, and would like to say that you're part of the reason I have gotten into acting. I wish you the best in all you do and always look forward to your new performances. love,
Brad fan Beverly,39
message for Brad: Thanks for gracing our screens with your wonderful talent. I am seriously waiting till you star in a leading role. Thanks for all your time invested in the film industry. I very much love seeing you in films.I've collected a few more of your films now.thanks a million. take care lov Bev
Brad fan Luca, 16
message for Brad: Mr. Dourif! I think you are one of the best actors on the world! My favourite films are The Two Towers and One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest. I think you are so talented! I think I'm one of your biggest fan from Hungary (or just the biggest one.) :o) I want to meet you once in my life, it's one of my biggest wishes... I'm waiting for the Return of the King and for Grima!!! :o) Bye, Luca
Brad fan Tara Jade Farthing, 15
message for Brad: Hi Brad. I'm a 15 year old gothic Grima Wormtongue obsessed fan from England. I first saw you as Grima and instantly fell in love. I can relate to Grima so much about the rejection and bullying. I also have pictures of you as Grima and Gediman in Alien: Ressurection plastered all over my walls. Anyway, are you coming to england anytime soon as i really want to meet you. Along with Hugo Weaving your top on my list of people to meet as i idolise you now. I'm trying to collect all the films you have been in and can't wait for Return of The King to come out! ^-^ Your such a great actor! And you have such wild, pretty eyes! People think im mad for fancying grima but i just say someone has to love him and that someone is me! Anyway, i'll try and finish my esssay and leave you alone now. I hope to speak to you someday.
Lots of love
~Tara (a major obssessed Grima fan)

Brad fan Erica Ryon,
message for Brad: I really liked you as Grima. You're a good actor. thought you were handsome as Grima. I would love to have your autograph with a picture of you as Grima.
Brad fan Elena, 26,
message for Brad: Thanks for the great interpretation of Grima ! I've read the whole book and how you've pictured him is really superb !
Brad fan Steve Jackson, 46,
message for Brad: Mr Dourif, I have seen your work and you have stood out in my mind as an actor of exceptional depth and quality. It is your work in the lotr movies that moves me to want to encourage you on. Your presence on the set greatly adds to the believability of the story line. The story line is believable by itself and a lesser actor could be defined by the role but you and your abilities define the role with artistic athourity. Thanks for showing us how it's done!

Brad fan Eryn, 16
message for Brad: Hello Mr. Dourif... Err, Brad. I was in the nieghborhood and thought I'd drop by. Ha, anyways I wanted to say that you must be very proud of your theatre career, skyrocketing and what-not. I have to say that you are a very under-appreciated individual in the movie business. But then again if you where under appreciated, you wouldn't have vast sites dedicated to you, so... Nevermind. I just wanted to say that you are a great actor. P.S. If you DO get a chance to read this, I was wondering if you had any inspiring words for a bright-eyed youngster to learn from. (So when I grow up to be famous, I'll be able to tell everyone I got advice from the famous Brad Dourif.) Heh, heh, that's all really I had to say.
Brad fan Nancy, 16,
message for Brad: Hello.My name is Nancy George.I currently wrote a letter to you so i hope you got it!!!I think the role you did for Grima Wormtongue was absolutely AMAZING.I think you are a very gifted and talented man and very good at what you do for i living.Well i hope you read this so in the end i want to say KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!
Brad Fan Alex Baker, 32
message for Brad: On top of your excellent acting career, your performance in Myst III was likewise very compelling. With many others I am sure, you are my choice for the most-underrated character actors seen today. Keep up the great work!

Brad fan Alexandra Rice
message for Brad: Dear Mr Dourif, I think you are one of the best actors. You have so much talent. You deserve more attention. Over the many years i have enjoyed your films.

Brad fan Kara, 13
message for Brad: hey brad just wanted to say i loved your role as grima wormtongue, he was my fav character. before i just wanted to be an actress and just like play in any movie but thanks to you i want to be in horror movies and be the bad guy(girl)oh yeah i had no idea you did the voice of chucky! that is so cool.

Brad fan Michelle, 31
message for Brad: A message to say - Thank you. For your inspired portrayals of numerous characters, your intelligence and honesty about your acting and the fact that you are willing to spend time at conventions meeting your fans. I've been a fan since seeing "The Two Towers," and have been catching up on your other work since then. May you continue to entertain and inspire...

Brad fan Lucretia,
message for Brad: "The lips require stains. The stains become a warning. It is by will alone, I set my mind in motion...." - DUNE "Did you get my message... Starbuck?"- Beyond The Sea; XFiles season one ~~~It is about time that Mr. Dourif is recognized. I truly hope that LOTR brings in the awards that are deserved.~~~

Brad fan Edgar, 36
message for Brad: From a fan of yours since Dune. Brad, just read your bio with statements on your worries of being typecast (an actors worst nightmare.) an though you have for most parts. What this fan sees is not typecast actor. But a Master of the Actors craft the likes of which Richard Burton had, the ablitiy draw the viewer right into moment and make them feel as if they are face to face with the fictional character your playing. Your acting is intense an superb in many away, a very rare gift an skill actors and actresses have these days. Thank you for sharing that true actors skill with us the past decades of your work an many a bright blessing for your future endevours in stage and screen.

Brad fan Tolkien Fan,
message for Brad: Brad, you did a great job portraying Gríma Wormtongue! Since Gríma is one of my favourite characters in the Lord of the Rings books I was happy to see one of my favourite actors in that part.

Brad Fan Michael,
message for Brad: Sup Brad, i just like to say that your an awsome actor and that i love Child's Play! Im watchin CP3 right now! its the part where Chuck says "Yea, Chuckly's gonna be a bro!" That cracks me Up anyway i wanna read u a poem i made up,its called:Where Art Thou Child's Play....Oh Brad oh Brad, where art thou Chucky at? Hes a coll little doll with a hellish mind,he wants to kill andy, but first must find, find!!! He killed Sargent Botnick, he killed Andy's foster dad, but hes killed his own wife, but that doesnt make him a fag so i ask you this Brad, where art thou Chucky at?"

Brad fan Daniel,
Hi! Well im not a big, fan of you but i wanted to tell you that i really like your role in Myst 3: Exile! It was very good!!

Brad fan Judy, 35
I wrote a poem for Brad. I hope the formatting holds.
Miscast Brad Dourif
pretending to be Love—
completely against type
but strangely apt.
Something so terrifying and messy
about opening ourselves
so completely
to some other someone
that feels like death
if not dismemberment.

Name: Nancy George, 16

Message for Brad: Hello. I was wondering if Brad would write back if i wrote to him.I did write to him and i actually sent a picture i drew of him with the letter i was just wondering if you know Mr. Dourif if you could ask him if he remembers receiving that letter and picture and if he liked it???That's if he got it.Nancy George is my real name so he knows since i put a return address on it.Thanks again.Oh by the way this website KICKS ASSSSS!!!!!KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!!-Nancy

Brad Fan Anilcan, 16
Message for Brad: Hello, I've known lots of actors since my childhood. They've all been very successful in my eyes. But Brad Dourif is different. I feel this. I think I thought that because of his eyes, his face, etc. But especially, his great acting performance in Heaven's Gate, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Child's Play 1-2-3-4, Graveyard Shift, Color of Night,.. more and more.. Yours Sincerely, ANILCAN from Turkey

Helena O'Brien, 23
Message for Brad: Hi Brad I've never left a message for you before but any way here it goes. I recently purchased all the Child's Play DvDs last week and I thought they were kool and you acted the part for Chucky very well. I'm not really a horror fan but when I sat down to watch them I thought well this isn't so bad. I am a huge X Files Fan and I also adore David Duchovny and I watched the episdoe "Beyond the Sea" It was a brilliant episode and again very well played. I would like to meet you in person but I live in Ireland and not many stars from Hollywood go there. I read on the internet that you are make the 5th part to chucky is that true? I hope it is I'll definitly go to see it. To tell you the truth it was my big Brother who got me watching your films his a HUGE horror fan. He's excellent at drawing he drew a picture of Chucky with his knife i told him to enter it in a competition he did and he got first prize YEAY. I hope you get a chance to read this email and COULD! you send a reply THAT WOULD BE GREAT.
your fan

Emily Cowles, 15
Message for Brad: Hello, Mr. Dourif, sir. I don't exactly know what to say that you haven't heard before... that seems to be my basic problem when writing letters or these things to actors. I am probably one of the least-probable people to be a huge fan of you, as I have had a lifelong aversion of horror movies not unlike the ones you've been in. But the moment you stepped out on the screen of The Two Towers and said coolly "That is a lie," I knew you were something special. I have always had a soft spot for Grima, so it's wonderful to find him acted by someone so talented. I'm now in the midst of reading Dune so I can get to the movie, and I'm a Trekkie, so it's great fun to see you as Lon Sudar... in my opinion, that was a character they killed off WAY too fast. I've been playing Myst III: Exile simply because I saw your face in the box, and am loving it. And though I haven't yet seen Cuckoo's Nest, I am looking eagerly forward to it... and how I wish Billy Boyd's mistake i! n the Cast Commentary of Two Towers was correct... when he and Dom were reading the credits and your name went by, he said "He won an Oscar for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." I wish it were so. I've seen a few clips and GOD did you deserve it. But Peter Jackson's gone and squandered any chances of you reclaiming your glory... first he cuts the Scouring, then he cuts you entirely from the theatrical release of Return of the King. I am royally pissed in your favor, just wanted to let you know. Well, I think I've rambled on about nothing enough. Thank you for reading, if you have. All the best and much love,

Brad fan Beth, 18
My deepest condolences on having your Grima scenes cut from the third LOTR movie. we'll just have to wait patiently for the extended version i guess. wonderful portrayal, by the way. glad they picked you in the end