This is an example donation of what you SHOULD NOT put in your message to Brad. I go through these before I post them. Save yourself the emabarrasment. Most likely, if I think you are being *creepy* I will pass your message to all my friends and we will laugh at you. Try Me.

"OMG! I LOVE BRAD DOURIF! Hi Brad! I want to meet you and be your friend!! I hope that we get to be good friends and talk on the phone and then I can bring my N*SYNC board game over and we can play for hours! I LOVE YOU!! Brad is soooo sexxxyyyyy!!! I just want to talk to him!! Can you give him my address??? PLEAAASEEE??? He and I need to hook up and talk about current events!"

Creepy obsessed fan

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This letter was written by Ozmavul She is not a creepy fan, but is good at writing creepy stuff. These are not her opinions(except for the N*Sync board game, added for effect), rather the opinions of others who have written me, all compiled into one. Yes, people do write this stuff, and I have to deal with it. Please show yourself and Brad respect, and don't write trash. Thanks for the donation Ozmavul.