Welcome to dourif.net! My name is Katherine and I created this website on Dec. 4, 2002. With the help of many fans and friends, it has grown to what it is today. Complete with over 3,000 images, a huge fan section and a very active forum, it is your #1 guide to Brad Dourif info on the net. Stay a while and check things out. Don't forget the extensive multimedia section, gallery, and the Forum!

January 9, 2011:
New layout! Working on the gallery and media, which will take a long time. Since the advent of YouTube, my 'multimedia' section is just out of date. Things have changed so much since 2002(obviously) so please excuse the mess that this site currently is!

January 6, 2011
Hey everyone! After a couple of years in hiatus(marriage, children, job..real life) I have decided to start updating this website again. Look for more to come in the next few weeks; including a new site design!

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