August 28, 2008:
Brad will be a guest at Dragon*Con 2008 this weekend in Atlanta GA.
There are also many rumors around the net that he will be the voice of Chucky the Killer Doll in Don Mancini's remake of the ORIGINAL Child's Play.

April 7, 2008:
RIP Charlton Heston. October 4, 1924 - April 6, 2008. You will be missed.

I do hope to be updating this site soon. I just recently got promoted at my job with Southwest Airlines. I've moved to Dallas, Tx to work at their headquarters in Customer Relations. This new position is 8-5 M-F, thus I will have more down time to add to this site(versus my old shift of 5p-130a with mon and tues off). Thanks to all of you for hanging in there for so long! This thing was a lot easier to work on before I became a mom. Lorelei is 13 months now and keeps me busy. So, when the family and I get settled, I promise more will come from this site!

March 18, 2008:
Brad was born on this day in 1950, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD!!

February 20, 2007:
According to the Dragon*Con website, Brad will be at Dragon*Con 2008, in Atlanta, Ga.
More info to come!


January 22, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger. You will be missed.
04/04/1979 - 01/22/2008


March 21, 2007
A few days ago The Official Halloween MySpace page released a pic of Brad as Sheriff Brackett.
You can also see & comment on the image in the Gallery.

March 18, 2007:
Happy Birthday Brad! He was born on March 18, 1950 in Huntington, West Virginia. You can write birthday wishes on the message board. Also, as of this posting, has 149,071 hits since December 4, 2002. We're almost to 150,000 visits to the site!
I haven't updated like I said I would. Why? Because I had my baby on February 27, 2007 at 1:09 pm. She weighed 6lbs 5 oz and was 19 in long. We named her Lorelei.(no, not after Gilmore girls, after Homer's Odessy) She was born a month early by induction(high blood pressure on my part) so she's still very tiny. I am so excited to be a mommy! You can see a pic of her on the forum.
Take care everyone!
February 16, 2007:

I now have internet + a working computer. This past year has really taken its toll on my online life. I've moved 5 times since last May and am finally settled in a little apartment with my boyfriend of a year and 3 months. And, the most exciting news of all is that we are expecting a little girl in just over a month. Her name is Lorelei and currently she weighs 5lbs 11oz according to the sonogram.. I am on my leave from work so I hope to get a new layout for this thing up and running. The only catch is that my computer is at my parents, so I have to come over here to update and work on the pages. It will get done and I promise to update more when possible. Thank goodness life has finally settled down a bit.
Brad will play Sherrif Brackett in a remake of the 1978 thriller Halloween directed by Rob Zombie. Read about it at and here.
This website turned 4 years old last December 4th. Long time, huh?
Thanks to Ingrid and Grima and everyone else at the message board who continually contributes to the site in all ways. It is really awesome. If you aren't a part of the community, then head on over and create an account. Spammers be warned: Ingrid will give you the boot so don't even bother. :)

If you would like to email me or have any questions, feel free to contact me at imsokothic @ (w/out spaces of course)

March 18, 2006:
Brad was born on this day in 1950. This is the 4th birthday Brad's had since I opened this website! Lets hope for many more to come!
See the Birthday thread in the community...
January 26, 2006:
wow. So I finally update! yay me!
The forum is still going strong, though this place isn't updated as much as it used to be.
Much thanks to everyone who has donated in the past months to help keep this place up and running.

This site celebrated 3 years on december 4th 2005. I cannot believe its been that long.

Well, keep on coming back to the site, or come chat!

August 20, 2005:
Trauma will be coming out on DVD on August 23rd.

August 13, 2005:
Brad's new movie, The Wild Blue Yonder, now has an official website. The Wild Blue Yonder.
Houstong Chronicle Article on Werner Herzog, mentions Brad

July 2, 2005:

long time no update!
Thank you to many who have emailed me about the site. Your support through my absence is really awesome. What WONDERFUL fans Brad has. <3

I've finally gotten my lazy ass up and fixed the forum, which you can now go see here:
You'll have to re-register and all that wonderful stuff. Hope to old and new members all return!

Also, according to Brad's bio on, it looks like The Great War of Magellan will be released this year. Whether on the Sci-fi channel or on DVD, it's sure to be an interesting watch.

That's all for now!

June 3, 2005:
Apologies for the lack of updates, but life has been hectic around here.
Look for clips and more caps from Deadwood to come soon.
Brad has been cast in a new movie called "I'm Perfect", with the tagline:"The handsomest guy on earth can't find love."
Articles related to 'I'm Perfect': registration to see the whole article)
Seed of Chucky will be released on DVD this Tuesday, June 7th.
Check it out on!

April 21, 2005:

Added 2 new pics of Brad as a child. Much thanks to Ze Fleaza, who got them from a wallpaper on it was still around)

April 11, 2005:
Added about 200 screencaps from Deadwood Season I, Episode I(many thanks to Grima Counsellor of; and all 6 episodes of Season II(thanks to Kendra!)

Many thanks to Grima Counsellor and Leah for donating funds to help support this site(and boy was it perfect timing!!!)

April 2, 2005:
Jessica(who left a message for Brad), You didn't leave an email addy for me to email you back, but I wanted to let you know you were not one of the spammers I reffered to. :)
Reopened the Gallery, which I will be uploading new Deadwood screencaps to tonight!(Thanks to my buddy Kendra!)

April 1, 2005:
HBO says it is going to pick up Deadwood for a third season....

I haven't come up with anything witty for this year's April Fool's joke. :( But you can see last year's below:
Due to creative differences between Don Mancini and Brad Dourif, Brad has asked that his name, voice, and anything associated with him be removed from the 5th Child's Play movie, "Seed of Chucky." Therefore he will no longer be THE voice. Rumor has it that there is a another actor to be taking on more.

March 20, 2005:

Due to someone taking many of the images from my gallery that I have paid money for, I have had to disable the gallery for the time being.
The person doing this runs an MSN group called "Braddourif" and impersonates The Man himself.
Feel free to join the MSN group and flame them.
Most of my images from premieres come from, which I pay a membership to in order to have the photos. Therefore it is not right that someone can come along and steal these pics and not give me credit for paying to get them.

March 18 2005:
Today is Brad's 55th Birthday, he was born on this day in 1950. Happy Birthday!

March 16, 2005:
Brad will be at the 22nd annual William S. Paley Television Festival, sponsored by the Museum of TV and Radio
"March 16 - "Deadwood" David %#@$-ing Milch's $@#$-ing HBO Western receives its %^#$-ing dues, with a relative paucity of @#$^%-ing profanity from its key %$*%-ing cast members."
(our own Vesta1967 will be attending!)

Added a few random pics to the Gallery.

Brad's birthday is on Friday. He will be 55 years young.

March 10, 2005:
Happy 21st Birthday to one of my greatest friends in the whole wide world, Nadine!

March 6, 2005:
Added 4 scans from Entertainment Weekly, courtesy of the ever lovely Fantaskizzle!(thanks much!)
Deadwood Season II premieres tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central (US) on HBO.
(sadly I missed it because I do not have HBO, but hopefully I will catch it next week. If you missed it like me, you can catch one of the encore presentations later on this week)
Happy 21st Birthday to The Mime from the Brad Dourif Message Board.

March 5, 2005:
4 new pics from the LA Premiere of Deadwood Season II

March 3, 2005:
Don't forget to catch the Season II premiere of Deadwood this Sunday!
The Deadwood Season II trailer is out. See it here. Brad's character, Doc Cochran, is the second person on the trailer
Screencapped pics from the trailer can be seen here.
HBO's Official Deadwood website here.

Those of you who have sent in fan art recently: I have recieved it and am working on uploading them and making your sections for you.
Also, look for reviews of movies by to be posted in the near future.(Thanks to my friends on the BD Message Board)

Note: though I had decided to archive this site and not update it, due to the success of Deadwood I have decided to keep it open for a bit longer. Don't everyone throw a party now...

March 2, 2005:
I am being spammed by a girl with many ailiases. If she attempts to contact anyone who has put their email on this website, in my forum, or in this guestbook, please block her. She has been bothering me for months and constantly spamming everything on this site from messages to brad, to my email, even my personal website guestbook. I honestly hate having to take it to this level as to make a public announcement, but this has got to stop. She has been doing the same thing to my good friend Konstanze, the previous owner of
This woman is an obsessed fan who I believe poses a threat do Mr. Dourif if she ever were to be in close proximity to him. If you recieve anything from her PLEASE delete it.
Thank you,


IP addresses:

Email addresses:

lara dourif
larinha dourif
sandy herchcovicth
hannèlore herchcovicth
monalisa dourif
inês drummond
pandora lommann


February 14, 2005:
Well I am back after almost 2 months of being gone. My computer is fixed so all is right in the world.
For those of you Brad fans under a rock, the first season of Deadwood came out on DVD.

Thank you to my friends Nadine, Molly, Roz(gave me 100$ to pay for the site), Daniel, and Frank(fixed the damn computer).
Meaningful update will take place soon when I have time.

December 24, 2004:
Anyone remember the Santa Brad contest from last year?
Santa Brad

I have been very busy in my personal life and nothing is really going on with Brad and films, other than Deadwood. Thus the reason for the lack of updates. I am still planning on getting up images from RotK: SE (those may come later tonight).
Also, Konstanze from is closing her site and donating anything I want to Konstanze is responsible for many of the images on this site, movie clips, and taught me how to use Dreamweaver MX. Thank you for your amazing help these past few years.

December 16, 2004:
So, hopefully you have all bought Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King SE DVDs and seen Grima's death, along with a bit of behind the scenes extras. Did anyone catch on 'Cameras of Middle Earth' when Brad said(after stabbing Saruman, in his real voice) "You outta see me with a magnum....". It was pretty funny.

Contest entries are being judged.

My good friend Nasubionna is closing/has closed her Brad site, and donated all the screencaps that I do not have (plus additional ones that I already have ) to
This includes
Senseless, Urban Legend, DUNE, Pophecy III, Blue Velevet(from DVD), MYST III, Jungle Fever, Heaven's Gate(from DVD), Alien Resurrection(DVD), Interceptor Force(additional caps), and Graveyard Shift(from DVD). This puts the gallery at a whopping 4,373 images/screencaps. So, go check them out here: Gallery
Additionally, her Chucky fansite is being taken over by Hazlemotes of and should appear alongside her Charles Lee Ray Fanlisting

December 10, 2004:

Review of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King SE by Kurt Loder from NEWS (he calls Grima what's new?)

December 6, 2004:
Well, we finally have it, and a week early!
Death of Saruman & Grima, the full scene.(windows media)

If you are curious to see Gandalf vs. The Witchking of Agmar:
Gandalf/Witchking(windows media)
And finally, if you would like to see Aragorn confront The Mouth of Sauron:
Aragorn/Mouth of Sauron(windows media)

Drop Dead Sexy has once again been put back on Brad's IMDB profile.

December 4th, 2004:
Today is's 2nd anniversary!( has been two years) and your last day to enter the Contest!

New screencaps(by me) & pics of Grima on the top of Orthanc before being killed!
Also, a clip of the begining of RotK, at the end of the clip it shows Grima and Theoden speaking to him. No death scene yet.... see it here.(21.4MB, Quicktime needed)
(thanks to Elisabeth and

Link exchange with my friend's Official website for Lord of the Rings actor Thomas Robbins(Deagol, Smeagol's cousin, in RotK) Go to it, now!

December 1, 2004:
The new Special Edition Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King 6 minute trailer includes a small part at the end of Grima being slapped by Saruman on the top of Orthanc.
See the trailer here.(you will need quicktime)
See 6 small screencaps from the trailer here.

Contest ends in 4 days!

November 28, 2004:

Contest: The entries are still coming in, make sure that yours is one of them! Don't pass up your chance to win an autograph from Brad himself! You have until midnight PST December 4th!
Click for the Seed of Chucky Contest

New Affiliate: Go check out this way cool site.

November 23, 2004:
If you click this banner, I get free stuff. =D

You have 12 days left to enter the Seed of Chucky contest! Make sure to get those entries in.


November 18, 2004:
Looks like Seed of Chucky came in 4th place last weekend at the boxoffice!
New article on

The Brad Dourif Fanlisting now has over 250 members(since December 2002)

Thank you to Fantaskizzle for donating 10$ to help support the site.

November 16, 2004:

Sorry, Chucky fans: the series has officially gone to 'Seed'

Drop Dead Sexy has been removed from Brad's bio on

November 15, 2004:
New fan art from The Saviour:

Looks like Seed of Chucky will be 5th at the BoxOffice this past weekend!
It beat out Ray, The Grude, Saw, and Shall We Dance, bringing in $8,767,000.
Studio estimates November 12-14, 2004


Found an old interview from DragonCon2003 on

November 13, 2004:
~Contest Update: The entries are coming in, so don't forget to send yours, this is your chance to win an autograph!

~To anyone who came across this article (BUFFY villain now tackling ARCHANGEL) posted on Fangoria November 11th: Brad is not signed and this is not in the works.

~16 new pics from The Seed of Chucky premiere.
click on the image for more.

According to, Brad won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Click to see.

~Articles that mention Brad, reviews, and interviews with various SoC involved people:
Fangoria Review
Orange County Register
Cincinnati Post
Arizona Republic
The Celebrity
Akron Beacon Journal
Kansas City
Spawn of Chucky Runs Amoky Chucky interview

~My very short Seed of Chucky review

November 12, 2004:
Saw Seed of Chucky last night at a press screening. Will have my short review up later on. I also have 20 pics from the premiere that will also be loaded. Check back.

November 10, 2004:
Redman article mentions Brad.

Chicago Tribune Article

November 9, 2004:
New layout for the winter. Enjoy the red.
Seed of Chucky comes out this Friday!



My friend and I won advanced screening tickets to see Seed of Chucky on Thursday. Will be back with a full report!
Don't forget to check out the contest! This is your chance to win Brad's autograph, and it doesn't require much at all! We did change one of the rules, you do not have to appear in the picture that you send in. Contest...

Fangoria: Jennifer Tilly, All Dolled Up
Washington Post: Doll Droll
Entertainment Weekly Article, scanned by Fantaskizzle
New Fangoria Magazine article scanned by Heather!

November 5, 2004:
Brad has been cancelled at The One Ring Celebration scheduled for January in Pasedena, Ca.(as seen in the update for October 22nd)
New interview and spoilers about Seed of Chucky at IGN. Along with the article is an Exclusive short clip.
Read the Article
See the Clip

November 4, 2004:

The Seed of Chucky contest is now open! Click to read about the rules and the awesome grand prize!

October 28, 2004:
4 NEW pics from RotK:
(the first one has got to be my all time favourite)

(These were found on various websites.)
See all Lord of the Rings Grima pics here.

Don't forget, today is SciFi Channel's Seed of Chucky Sneak Peak!
Seed of Chucky article:

October 27, 2004:

Thanks to, we FINALLY have a death of grima pic, the actual moment of death.

If the regulars here remember, reported almost two years ago that(highlight for spoilers)Legolas would kill grima. Looks like we were right!

October 26, 2004:

February 8, 2005: Deadwood, The First Season will be released on DVD

"The 6-DVD set runs 720 minutes for all 12 episodes from the 1st Season. Price is $99.98 SRP. 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen video is accompanied by audio tracks in English 5.1, French 2.0, and Spanish 2.0, plus Subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.
There is also a long list of Extras:
Cover Art
> Featurette: "Making Deadwood: The Show Behind The Show" - A behind-the-scenes look at the creative process under "Making of Deadwood"
> Featurette: "The Real Deadwood" - A documentary feature on the history of Deadwood and how it came to be; includes interviews with local historians.
> A 2-part conversation with Deadwood creator David Milch (NYPD Blue) and star Keith Carradine" "The New Language of the Old West" (30 minutes)
> "An Imaginative Reality" (30 minutes)

> 4 Audio Commentaries with David Milch and cast member"
more on

October 22, 2004:
Brad is in a new movie called "Drop Dead Sexy". Doesn't look like he has a big role, surprise surprise.

Brad is confirmed for The One Ring Celebration. Brad will only be there Saturday.
Jan. 14-15, 2005
Pasedena, CA.

October 15, 2004:

The Seed Of Chucky website has been totally renovated, and they actually have cool stuff on it now. AIM icons, wallpapers, cast bios, stickers, and they even urge you to get a tattoo of chucky(I don't recommend it, but hell, if you get it done I want some pictures!!)
Go check it out!

Thanks to CADPAT for finding a decent image of the NEW Seed of Chucky poster(how many NEW posters are there going to be?)
See the new poster and a new wallpaper in the Seed of Chucky Gallery

This month's Fangoria Magazine has a massive article on Seed of Chucky. If anyone has a copy and wouldn't mind scanning it for this site, then please email me!

October 10, 1004:
(thanks to for the article link!)
Brad was interviewed by back in August. The interview focused more on The Hazing, and at the bottom they link to! Way cool.
Click Here!

October 9, 2004:

Brad will be on Tech Tv's show, 'Players' this morning at 10:30am ET, 7:30am PT
~info on Brad's interview
~info on the 'Players' episode

Unfortunately I have to work so I will miss it. Anyone recording it?

I am still working on the Emmys clips. will be having a Seed of Chucky themed contest. The prize? It will be announced ASAP. I guarantee you it will be very special and well worth it.

October 2, 2004
The Hazing Interview from John!)

Seed of Chucky News!
>See what Glen looks like(creepy)
>R-rated trailer

Interviews/News on Seed of Chucky
Horror Watch

September 25, 2004:
~Thanks to Konstanze who orginally pointed out this article to me. Huntington's Herald Dispatch article on Brad, with an interview.(wtf is up with that art, strange cross between Billy Bibbit, Doc Cochran and Chucky...)
~Brad was (unfortunately) on E!Fashion Police this week. They said he needed to(and I quote), "Get out of the hippy era, shave and cut his hair." and they called him a "Bum" Obviously those ignorant people haven't heard of this little show called 'Deadwood' in which he has to alter his appearance with the Fu Manchu. Besides, people sitting around with nothing better to do but talk about the clothes others are wearing have nothing to offer in life.

September 20, 2004

Snippets from articles mention Brad are listed below:
(this is funny!)
When asked what he thought about Joan Rivers not being on the red carpet, Brad commented with,"I'm sad about it. I mean I would like to know what she thinks. I'm crushed." -- Brad Dourif, a nominee for "Deadwood," desperately craving Joan Rivers' approval for his scruffy period facial hair."

"Deadwood" star Brad Dourif said he felt relaxed about the afternoon. "I'm not sweating. I don't expect to win. I'm having fun no matter what," he said. Dourif plays the doctor on the provocative HBO Western. "
from Ventura County Star

19, 2004:
Brad did not win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama(Deadwood)
Brad didn't loose the award either, he just didn't come in first. I will not say the obligatory, "It is an honor for Brad to be nominated..."(even though it is...) He is overdue in the recognition department for his accomplishments. Deadwood did win a few awards, I'll post them later.

Oh, and Fuck the Emmys. :D

With that said, lets look forward to Seed of Chucky, which looks hilarious, and The Return of the King, Special Edition(eta, December 15, 2004), and the second season of Deadwood.

6:41 (central)
click the pic to see 7 new pics from Brad arriving at the awards(with more on the way I am sure...)

Right now you can go 'rate' Brad on the 'sizzlemeter' police, on E!Online here. (Brad is currently in last place, so go vote..more than once.)
Brad was just interviewd by Star Jones on E! Network, looking rather dashing.. All they did was ask him about Seed of Chucky.
New pics uploaded from 'The HBO Luxury Lounge at the 56 Annual Emmy Awards' and 'Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Honor 56th Annual Emmy Nominees'. see them here.

September 19, 2004:
New layout, #34, nice and purple.
~ Thank you to Fantaskizzle for donating more funds to You are so very much appreciated. <3.
~ I was cool enough to get some pics of Brad at The Exorcist: The Begining premiere from
See them here.
~ See the official version of the NEW Seed of Chuck trailer here. of it)
~ The Hazing came out on video last tuesday.
~ Don't forget the 56th Annual Emmy Awards tomorrow night on ABC. Lets hope Brad wins!(he deserves it the most, and we all know that)
As for anyone who is not aware, Brad is up for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role as Doc Cochran on HBO's 'Deadwood'.

September 14, 2004:

Well, thanks to a few wonderful Brad fans, this site will not go down, and then some!
Total amount donated: $83.50
That should cover the bills for the site for the next month. Thank you so much: Atsuko(from the Japanese Brad site), Helcat, and Merkusa. It means an awful lot to me and all the Brad fans.
And thank you to Roz for the 3.50$ donation.
Also! Brad-Dourif.web, the old Japanese Brad site has changed over to so everyone update their bookmarks!

September 13, 2004:
~Just a little note to let you guys know that this site and all its domains will be down for aproximately 2 weeks begining on the 14th, until I can pay the website bill, which has once again gone up to 46$
This however, can be prevented if enough fans donate to help the site. You can do so by donating directly through my host, Click here to donate!
Thanks a bunch,
    Katherine, your webmistress

September 12, 2004:
Happy Birthday to Ingrid, the only good friend I have who is a Brad fan. She runs the Brad Dourif Appreciation Society on Yahoo!Groups, which was the inspiration for this site almost two years ago. Go sign up for it if you aren't already a member. It was the only place for fans to converse a few years ago. (has it really been THAT long?)
Anyways, I wish you the best!

September 11, 2004:

First off, don't have a heart attack because I updated with information that has substance.
2nd of all, appreciate this!
~ Don't forget to tune into the 56th Emmy Awards on September 19th, 8pm on ABC. Brad will be at the show, so don't miss him! Info on Brad's nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
~The release date for SoC has been pushed back and forth for the past year. Currently, as of 1:39am 9/11/04, it is set to be released on November 12, 2004. That could change in the next 15 seconds, so check back.
~ I have heard that Fangoria has some info on SoC this month. Anyone have a mag and want to scan those for me?
~ Chucky write up(scroll to find it):
~ Thursday, October 28, 2004: The Sci-Fi Channel will have a special Seed of Chucky event. It begins at 7/6 central. Sounds entertaining, so read more.
~ New Seed of Chucky poster has been released, as has the new trailer(13.5 MB). It was quite a surprise to see it before Resident Evil 2 at the theater tonight.
~ a few new pics from Seed of Chucky and two pics of the new poster.
~ New interactive Chucky website, entitled Chucky's Sperm Bank (think they are going a little far with the sperm here, or is it just me?) Go there and register if you want to be in the know. Say that 'palespring'(that's me) sent you and I get free stuff.
~ Vlad was released in select theaters in LA
~ Vlad review on Fangoria
there's your huge update. That's all for the year.

September 9, 2004:
Back from D*Con. Nothing Brad related, but if you are interested I will post a link to pics later on.

Sept. 1, 2004,
Hey guys! I know I have not been around much lately. Life is really getting in the way. But as you regulars know, it will slow down eventually. Remember, the Emmy's are on September 22, 2004. Brad is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, for his role as Doc Cochran on HBO's Deadwood.
Vlad is finally being released in the United States. I'll post more info later on. (thanks Atsuko for the info!)

for the next week I will be out of town at Dragon*Con seeing some very good friends. I'll probably get some free seed of Chucky stuff that I'll scan and throw on here.
See you guys later!

August 24, 2004:
Reuters: 'Deadwood' Duo Stumble Into Emmy Contention

August 18, 2004:
Interview with Brad (about Doc Cochran, the Emmy nomination, and acting) on
"Isn't that major silliness? I didn't even know nominations were up; that's the kind of thing that doesn't happen to me, you know? We got these phone calls, and I was, like, something good happened because people are saying congratulations. But nobody would tell me what it was for?". ...more

August 12, 2004
New Affiliate,! Go visit, now!
Don't forget, my auction(closes in 1 day!):eBay Auction: 5 copies of the Huntington Quarterly Magazine featuring Brad on the cover. Spring 2003.

August 7, 2004:
I decided to open up email accounts on this site for anyone who is interested.(hey, I have to use up the space somehow!)
What you get:
»5 MB of email space, if more is needed you can always ask for more.
»your name/username address
»the chance to have your email address ending with
Go here to sign up!

August 6, 2004:

eBay Auction: 5 copies of the Huntington Quarterly Magazine featuring Brad on the cover. Spring 2003.
These are 5 of my 25 copies I recieved from the magazine as compensation for them publishing/stealing my graphics and not crediting me. Go bid!

From AintItCoolNews: (highlight below for Spoilers!!!!!!)
      Tonight I saw a test screening of Seed of Chucky in Long Island, NY. The story itself is pretty ho hum. **Spoilers** Billy Boyd's character is a doll named Glen/Glenda who escapes a circus in order to find his/her parents. I say his/her because Chucky and the Bride are not sure the gender of the character since it does not have any privates. He finds Chucky and the Bride on the set of the new Chunky movie and performs this spell on them to bring them back to life. The "parents" kinda ADOPTED our boy/girl. It was obvious the movie was not done and didn't go into detail and had some holes in it. I am not a big fan of the series and don't remember the last all that well but from what I gather, some story line foundation was laid in the previous one that the audience was expected to know I guess (the charm thing and who or what the kid is) The guy who ran it said the movie was not finished and that there will be changes made before the release.

     Anyway, Chucky and the bride want to be human once again and try to possess the child of Jennifer Tilly. I will leave it there b/c I don't want to spoil the entire movie but I will say this. Billy Boyd pretty much steals the show. His character is pretty weird although the movie really doesn't go into any detail about his character or anything. hopefully they will get that figured out before the release. Chucky (Brad Dourif) does have some funny one liners and lookout poor miss spears. Tilly is good here showing off major cleavage to rapper Redman, the new director of the Virgin Mary movie. I was surprised at how much I laughed. And it was intentional laughter so did Don Mancini his job in the directing chair. There were some incomplete fx shots that got unintentional laughter but I am sure they will be cleaned up. He does have his work cut out for him to get things patched up before the release but for the most part it was a fun movie. At no point does it take itself seriously and I think the audience benefited from that. I enjoyed it more then I was planning to.

July 30, 2004:
Thanks to everyone who bid in the eBay auction held by Fantaskizzle. Through these auctions, over 50$ was raised for Thank you Fanta, the regular visitors, and those who bid.

July 26, 2004:
At the San Diego ComicCon this past weekend New Line showed a preview for the Return of the King Special Extended Edition DVD set. The DVDs will addd 50 more minutes and 20 new scenes, making the movie even LONGER.(too long for me even)
A copy of the trailer has surfaced on the internet. Filmed with a handy cam durring the presentation. I DLded all 32mb just on the off chance they would show Grima, and they did. Instead of you guys DLing it just to catch a glimpse of Grima, I clipped it for you into a 1.4mb .wmv file.
Click to see Saruman hit Grima in the face with his staff.

July 23, 2004

Two new pics from 'Seed of Chucky' have been released. I added a section in the Gallery for SoC.
(thanks to WickedWillow for finding these!)

July 22, 2004:
If you are going to bid on Fanta's eBay auctions of her Brad movie collection, you have about 15 hours left.
Titles up for auction(listed by auction)
1. Sergeant Matlovich Vs. the U.S. Air Force
2. Miami Vice and Magnificent Seven
3. A Step Towards Tomorrow
4. Wise Blood, Rage of Angels, Final Judgement
5. Terror on Highway 91, Cypress Edge, Vengeance: The Story of Tony Cimo
6. Istanbul, Common Bonds, Horseplayer
Click here to see them. Remember, half of the proceeds go to support this website!(which is a good thing for you guys, and me)

Uploaded a new VERY HIGH res pic of Brad from Deadwood, here. It is watermarked, but if you want the non-watermarked version, then email me.
credit to Jay, who took time to scan it.


July 21, 2004:
eBay is full of weird and creepy things. Anyone remember Brad's fake head used in Trauma for the decapitaion? remember how it was sold on eBay?
Well, how about Billy Bibbit's prosthetic wrist slit from Cuckoo's Nest? Yes. It is for sale, 500.00$ Click here. Some things are just too weird for words.

July 19, 2004:

Millenium Season 1 DVD relased today
"...“Force Majeure” – when a bright, blond college student immolates herself, The Millennium Group finds itself confronting ancient prophecy, Biblical revelations and an enigmatic “groupie” who thinks he has the answers.
Laying the groundwork for the entire mythology that will start to spring forth toward the end of Season 1 (and go gonzo in Season2), this bizarre tale of cloning, conspiracies and catastrophes is superb. It may not make much sense - and frankly, even after the show’s entire run it is still not very well explained – but the enigmatic visuals (man in an iron lung, a group of identical children) are very atmospheric. This is also an episode where Frank and Peter are more on the outside looking in, not really affecting the outcome of events but interpreting them for our benefit. Complete with a creepy, calm turn by genre mainstay Brad Dourif, this is one of the series’ better apocalypse-inspired episodes. 4.5/5."

Emmy Nomination:

New layout featuring Brad as Doc Cochran in HBO's drama, "Deadwood".
any mistakes, please email here.

July 17, 2004:
Fantaskizzle is selling many of her Brad films on eBay right now. She has offered to put half of all proceeds towards funding (thanks much!!)
Fans, if you have been looking for Istanbul, this is your chance. It is just one of many she is selling. It is combined with Horseplayer and Common Bonds. Right now the price for all three films is just a low 16.50. Some people have shelled out 200$ just for Istanbul! Start the bidding!
Please check out all her Brad movie auctions here

July 15, 2004:
Well, what we were all hoping for has happened. Brad was nominated for an Emmy Award this morning.
" Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" for "Deadwood".
Congratulations Brad!!
read more

July 9, 2004

Once again, the release date for Seed of Chucky has been changed: November 10, 2004

Big news, the first Seed of Chucky picture has been released!!
(about a 1.5 MB file. High Res)

Thanks to!!

July 8, 2004:
Does anyone out there have a WireImage account? If you do, could you please contact me. I need your help.
webmistress <@>

Just uploaded pics from The Hazing. Terrible movie, and that is all I have to say about that.

After noticing tonight that I did not have any screencaps from Child's Play or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, I decided to make a few. So far you can see the Child's Play caps here. OFOTCCN will come at a later date when I feel like it.

Three pics from Brad at last weekend's Sci-Fi Con in Mexico City, Mexico.

July 6, 2004:

Brad will not be Horrofind Weekend, so your next time to see him will not be until 2005.

October 22, 2004 is the new release date for Seed of Chucky.

I got bored and made a desktop:

Thanks to Fantaskizzle, we have a new poster for "Seed of Chucky":

Thanks for nabbing us a pic of it!!

June 29, 2004:

Added three new trailers to the Multimedia. The Box, El Padrino, and Seed of Chucky.(click)

Added screencaps: I, Desire(Desire the Vampire) 1982, Nightwatch 1997, and a Golden Globe Nomination add for 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'.

Added pics from Collectormania in London last May. (Thanks Jill!)

Uploaded screencaps from Wise Blood and Trauma

Brad will be in Mexico this weekend for the Sci-Fi Con. If you live in Mexico and want to meet Brad, this is likely to be your only chance.
Click for more info

June 28, 2004
New layout featuring Brad as Grima Wormtongue in Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers". The graphic was created by Nadine and Katherine.
Any problems you may encounter can be emailed to me: webmistress [@]

June 24, 2004:

added screencaps from "The Box". Thanks to Saskia!

If you live in LA and want to meet Brad, this weekend is your chance. He will be at the Hollywood Collectors and Celebrity Show. Click for details.

June 23, 2004:
I have been really busy, thus the reason for no updates. I hope to have time this weekend to put up the new layout and add screencaps from Wise Blood and The Box.

Small interview with Brad at the premiere of The Two Towers. (realplayer needed)

more to come...

June 8, 2004:
Happy 22nd Birthday to Konstanze, webmistress of the ever wonderful!

Brad is tentative to appear at Dragon*Con 2003. He will be at the Hollywood Celebrities and Collectors show at the end of June. More details when I feel like it.

June 4th, 2004:
If you live in Tennessee, Today through Sunday are your days to meet Brad at Adventure Con in Nashville. Click here for more information. (if you plan on going, make sure to send in a fan report!)

I forgot to post the final Seed of Chucky poster...or is it?

June 1, 2004:
Uploaded screencaps from Grim Prarie Tales. Brad said he really liked making this movie because it was wonderful working with James Earl Jones. Grim Prarie Tales, 1990. The quality isn't the greatest, but it's the best I can get with a VHS.

The Brad Dourif Fanlisting is undergoing changes. Please do not apply until further notice. Please do not click 'submit' more than once. I got 35 emails from the same person today. Very annoying.

May 29, 2004:
If you live in Tennessee next weekend is your chance to meet Brad at 'Adventure Con' in Knoxville. Click for more info.

The Official Seed of Chucky website is now up. There really isn't anything new on the site. However, you can DL the trailer in .wmv or .mpeg on thier site. Or, get it here.

All screencaps and images have been moved into the Gallery.
Gallery Stats: 3360 pictures in 59 albums and 7 categories with 14 comments viewed 34203 times. O_o

I also added screencaps from The Horseplayer. Very dark and twisted movie, I suggest everyone see it.

May 20, 2004:

The final 'Seed of Chucky' poster has been released. Thanks to Elena for sending it in! Along with the poster we also have a soundtrack! See it all here.

Wonderful news: My host,, had a big sale on their website packages. For the same price I am now getting 1600MB of space(of which I am currently using 600), 40 GB bandwidth(to support the direct linkers), and a lot of other goodies. If you are curious to know what else, then go here.(the plan is called 'Code Monster') If anyone is looking for a good host, I reccomend this company(and say I sent you). The best hosts by far.

Tons of screencaps were added to the gallery. I have a ton of 1990-2000 movie caps.

this is a long shot....but worth a try.
I know that there are loyal fans out there, and they come to this site a lot. How about voting for it at the Movie Site Awards?

Here's the info you need when submitting the site:
it is in the Best Actor Fansite Category (please note, Fansite not the Official category)
site name,
Webmistress*@*, w/out the *.

If you visit their forum and submit the site, then there is more of a chance of us winning!



May 14, 2004:

Uploaded more screencaps including Graveyard Shift & Istanbul in the Gallery

Official Seed of Chucky Teaser Poster Finally Released!

Once upon a time someone in Canada thought Brad should play Anakin Skywalker in Episodes 2 & 3.

2 new wonderful fan reports from Collectormania. Ricky and Pantha.

updated the links. The Chucky/Charles Lee Ray FL has changed to Konstanze's, is now, and the Grima Wormtongue FL has changed,

May 6, 2004:

Three new fan reports: Nick, Jill, and Hels.

According to Hels, Brad mentioned by name.
"Well I ain’t the kind of person that goes round carrying cards damn it so I asked him if he had an official point of contact where I could remind him of his offer. So here is where you take a bow , Kat, he mentioned this site by name...." click here to read her report!

Want to see the trailer for Grim Prarie Tales?(1990)

Brad poses with his didj for The Sweater Book: Hundreds of People, One Common Thread. See this pic in the gallery.
Thanks to Laura for everything above.

Finally the Seed of Chucky trailer is online.
Also can be seen here. (thanks to everyone who sent in links!)

May 4, 2004:

Have a fan report from Collectormania?
Want it to be on this website?
Then email me your report along with any photos or scans you would like to include(if available)
. I already have 3 reports and would like to add as many as possible.

Finally we have some news about El Padrino.

still working on the gallery....

April 29, 2004:
Brad is in Great Britain for Collectormania. If you are a fan and live in England, then I suggest you make it out there if at all possible. He does not go over there often.

I am still adding to the gallery. It is taking a while to get everything back up after I changed to php.

Thanks to Andrea for donating to help fund this site!!

April 26, 2004:
Negotiations to have Brad appear at Dragon*Con 2004 are now underway. More in the coming weeks.

April 23, 2004:
Question: Kat, why was down for about a day a week ago?
Answer: Because I forgot to pay the bill. Simple.
Thanks to many donations, it is back up and running. Thanks to Ingrid, Blackraven9 & Kajsicat, it is covered for another month. Thank you to everyone who has helped support this site in one way or another.
If you can donate to make sure this does not happen again, then click here to find out how to help!

Has anyone seen the Seed of Chucky trailer online? I am still looking for it. If anyone knows where I can DL it, please email me.

April 17, 2004:

New Layout.

I saw the Seed of Chucky teaser trailer last night.
It begins with a fetus and ends with the fetus in womb turning to the camera. He looks like Chucky. Then you see "Seed of Chucky", proceeded by "This Halloween". Brad is laughing in the background.

Don't forget, UK fans, Brad will be at Collectormania NEXT weekend!!

April 13, 2004:

New Article on John Waters' death in Seed of Chucky...(spoilers)

April 11, 2004:

Seems to be a DUNE marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel today. Check local listings. The original DUNE will be on tonight.

'Deadwood' episode 4 premieres tonight.

An old Seed of Chucky teaser poster showed up in my inbox today. It says '2006' and has differnet actors int he credits. Obviously it was either photoshoped by someone or it was a concept poster a few years ago. see it here...

April 9, 2004:

'Seed of Chucky' teaser trailer in theaters next week!
According to & other sources, the trailer will not have any movie footage. It could possibly show a plot outline.
No indication as to what movie it will be shown before. My guess would be a horror or sci-fi film. Maybe Dawn of the Dead?

April 8, 2004:

Nice hate mail for the April Fool's Day joke. Glad I gave most of you a scare. WTF? What joke?

Added Brad's next three appearances to the events page. He will be a guest at cons in Tennessee, Mexico City, and Maryland.

April 1, 2004:

Due to creative differences between Don Mancini and Brad Dourif, Brad has asked that his name, voice, and anything associated with him be removed from the 5th Child's Play movie, "Seed of Chucky." Therefore he will no longer be THE voice. Rumor has it that there is a another actor to be taking on more.

HBO has decided to take Deadwood on for another season.

March 30, 2004:

'The Hitchiker' Series has been released on DVD. Brad was in episode 3.7, "The Legendary Billy B."(March 3, 1987). You can purchase it on
Thanks to Atsuko from brad-dourif.web for the info.

Interview with Jennifer Tilly, Seed of Chucky.

March 29, 2004:
I had planned to keep this site on hiatus for a while because I am very busy with my jobs, however there is just too much news concerning Brad to not update.

ega*Con article mentions Brad.

'....Although he willingly greeted fans, posed for pictures and signed autographs for $20, he shied away from any press interviews — much as Grima might while running into Gandalf the White — because of an unexplained controversy. Do not despair, Mr. Dourif. I am sure Peter Jackson will unroll your cut scenes in the mega-extended "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" DVD release this fall to quell your internal controversy.'

Internal controversy? WTF? This guy has no idea. Yes, Brad was bummed to be cut, however he is going about his life. He is staring in an excellent tv series and has the next Child's Play movie coming out in October. Stupid people assuming things. GFY.

'Star Trek Voyager: The Second Season' is available on DVD for pre-order through It will be released on May 19, 2004. 'Meld' and 'Basics: Part 1' are in the second season. Basics: Part 2 will be on the 3rd season. Bummer.

'Deadwood' episode 2:
'As suspicions arise that "road agents" may have been the true perpetrators of the massacre, Swearengen takes a special interest in the health of its sole survivor--a young girl ministered to by the unlikely team of Doc Cochran and Calamity Jane. Meanwhile, Bullock and Star attempt to buy property from Swearengen, who suspects an alliance between Hickok and the hardware boys. At the Grand Central Hotel, Brom Garret rethinks his recent investment, while his wife Alma medicates her anxieties. As a confrontation brews over the young survivor, Hickok asks Bullock to cover his back in a tension-filled poker game. '

eed of Chucky:
(you must register for free account to view the article)

March 25, 2004:

Preview clip of Brad in "The Box"

Thanks to Hazeleyes &

March 24, 2004:

No Deadwood clips or screencaps because my programs for doing this have bit the dust. However, thanks very generous dontation to this site by GrimaWormtongue I am able to get my computer into the shop and have the programs/hardware fixed. Major thank you to GrimaWormtongue for his constant support through this past year. Do not know what I would do without you. Go check out his brand spankin' new site dedicated to Grima. This is the first time it has ever been open and definitly does Grima justice.
Go check it out, Full of fan art, stories, pics, screencaps...etc. It is a piece of art, and a continuation of The Grima Wormtongue Misunderstood Foundation.

Two new fan reports from Juliet and Isilehtele (from Mega*Con)

Articles & reviews on 'Deadwood':
Locals get sneak peek at 'Deadwood'

'Seed of Chucky' news:

March 22, 2004:

article on "Deadwood"
(thanks to Fanta)

Want to chat about Deadwood? Then head on over to the Forum & register. Then check out the Deadwood thread! (a lot of great newbies recently, come join us in discussion!)

March 21, 2004:

>Grima Wormtongue art on eBay

Well, the day has finally come. 'Deadwood' premieres tonight on HBO. If you don't catch it tonight, it will be shown all next week. If you simply do not have HBO, look to this website for video clips and screencaps in the coming weeks.(Check local listings)

first episode synopsis:
Once Upon a Time in the West
(10 pm/ET, HBO)
"Gene Autry must be spinning in his grave. In the '30s and '40s, the actor-recording star was the poster boy for an idealized Old West. His squeaky-clean characters adhered to a code of ethics so strict he made Boy Scouts look downright sinister in comparison.

But for all his honesty and integrity, the singing cowboy wouldn't have lasted ten minutes in Deadwood, the grimy, vulgar, vice-ridden setting for HBO's new 12-episode Western. In the first scene, a marshal hangs a repentant horse thief without a trial before a drunken mob gets the chance. What follows is a graphic tutorial on the seven deadly sins that proves we're not in (Dodge City) Kansas anymore. Gunsmoke this is not.

The show begins in July 1876, two weeks after the Battle of Little Big Horn. Deadwood is a haven for lawlessness, a town built outside the United States on land deeded to the Lakota-Sioux in 1868. When gold was discovered there in 1875, Federal troops eventually gave up trying to keep out the rush of prospectors, con artists, businesspeople and adventure-seekers who came there. Enraged by General Custer's resounding defeat, settlers flocked to what is now South Dakota, grabbing as much real estate as possible from the region's original inhabitants.

Enter former Montana marshal Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) and business partner Sol Star (John Hawkes), who are eager to open a hardware store for Deadwood's miners. Another newcomer is gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok (Keith Carradine), a living legend who fills his days by drinking whiskey and playing poker. Shortly after their arrival, Bullock and Hickok investigate the slaughter of an immigrant family on the trail out of Deadwood. Although they have never met, both are suspicious of reports that vengeful Native Americans were behind the killings. The men quickly form an alliance as they begin to deal with the fallout from the massacre.

While Deadwood has no law to speak of, it is controlled by Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), a Machiavellian Brit with a fiery temper and a foul mouth. Swearengen runs a profitable saloon and brothel, and uses cash, liquor, women and drugs to persuade a small army of errand boys, ne'er-do-wells and sycophants to do his bidding. Not surprisingly, the moody, somewhat self-righteous Bullock immediately locks horns with the morally bankrupt Swearengen, who is wary of this entrepreneurial interloper's friendship with Hickok. He believes the two are in cahoots and looking to usurp his authority.

In addition to these explosive personalities, Deadwood is populated by a number of undesirables, nonconformists and eccentrics. William Sanderson (Newhart's loquacious Larry) plays E.B. Farnum, the proprietor of a local hotel who brokers a land deal for a wealthy but naïve New Yorker (Tim Omundson) and his opium-addicted wife (Molly Parker). In future episodes, Farnum will reveal himself to be much more than the spineless Swearengen toady he appears to be. Stooping, nervous Doc Cochran (Brad Dourif) tends to the Englishman's women of ill repute, but is also quick to lecture about morality when someone tries to take advantage of him.

And where would Hickok be without his trusted sidekick Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert), a boozy, bawdy brawler who discovers her feminine side by caring for the young survivor of a recent tragedy.

Much has been made of Deadwood's copious use of profanity. But according to creator David Milch, who tested the limits of broadcast TV with Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue, strong language was common on the frontier. As for violence, the settlement averaged more than one murder every 24 hours in its early days, which is why there always seems to be a corpse chilling in a stream before burial. And in terms of the drinking, gambling and prostitution,

Milch shows that it was a pretty simple case of supply and demand.
Obviously, Deadwood isn't for everyone, and even thick-skinned viewers may be shocked by the fast-and-furious stream of obscenities. Not only is the language blue, it's obtuse, old-fashioned and hard to follow. What's more, some of the conflicts, while intriguing, are confusing because it's not clear who's crossing whom. After screening the first five episodes, I've learned to appreciate the series' style, deliberate pacing and deeply flawed characters. Only you can decide whether you want to visit Deadwood on Sunday nights, but I'd bet most folks sure as hell wouldn't want to live there."
synopsis courtesy of

News on Deadwood...

NT Times "Art: TV:Weekend"

Chucky news...
Agent Cody Banks star joins cast...

Make sure to submit a question for the interview with Brad...

More fan reports from Mega*Con on the way when I have more time.

Read all the past updates to this site...
March 18, 2004:

Brad was born on March 18, 1950. Happy 54th.

If you haven't signed up for the forum, then head on over there, register, and wish Brad a Happy Birthday!

March 17, 2004:

The Seed of Chucky news keeps pouring in, thus the reason I am updating twice today. Looks like a possible October 29th release.
March 16: More details on SEED OF CHUCKY
Focus Features has released more information on SEED OF CHUCKY, the latest deadly-doll adventure which rolled this week in Romania for an October 29 release. The script written by series veteran Don Mancini, who is also directing, centers on Glen (voiced by LORD OF THE RINGS' Billy Boyd), the offspring of Chucky and Tiffany, who discovers that a movie is being made about his folks' exploits. He travels to Hollywood and brings Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) back to life, and they immediately resume their murderous ways—much to peace-loving Glen's horror.
While Chucky struggles with his son's unwillingness to follow in the family tradition, Tiffany finds out that the movie being made about them will star…Jennifer Tilly (also playing herself), and the actress soon becomes unwitting hostess to the demonic brood. Rapper-turned-actor Redman (HOW HIGH) also plays himself, angling to direct a movie in which Tilly wants to star; as previously reported, SEED OF CHUCKY also contains cameos by John Waters (as an ill-fated paparazzo) and FANGORIA magazine.
"We get a kick out of Chucky, and we're not scared to admit it," say Focus co-presidents David Linde and James Schamus in a joint statement. "Don Mancini has come up with a very fresh take for the franchise, and this Halloween, new viewers and longtime Chucky fans alike are in for bloody good fun." SEED is produced by Chucky creator David Kirschner and Corey Sienega, and executive-produced by Guy Louthan; go here for Mancini and Kirschner's previous comments on the project, and keep watching Fango for further coverage.

The movie officially began filming in Romania, March 15, 2004.

Two new articles/press releases regarding Seed of Chucky.(both about Redman and John Waters)
The Advocate & Star-ecentral

Deadwood premieres this Sunday on HBO.

Make sure to submit a question for the interview with Brad...
March 16, 2004:

Source: variety

"Hip-hop star Redman and filmmaker John Waters have signed onto Seed of Chucky, the fifth film in the "Chucky" horror film series, which started production Monday in Romania for Focus Features, reports Variety.
As previously reported, Billy Boyd ("The Lord of the Rings") will voice the character of Glen, the orphan doll offspring of Chucky (Brad Dourif) and his twisted bride Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly).
Redman co-stars as a rapper-turned-director and Waters as a sleazy tabloid paparazzo. Don Mancini, franchise creator and writer of all five films, is directing

March 14, 2004:

Brad's birthday is on Thursday.(just in case I don't update before then)

Brad will be at Collectormania in April. Added info to the events page.

I just found out, officially, how Grima dies(highlight below to read):
Arrow to the heart, by Legolas. Grima is a pincushion to the elf.

March 11, 2004:

Anyone who has an email address hosted by will not be able to access their email due to server maintenence. It should be back up by March 12, 2004. Not to worry, you have not lost any of your previous emails and new emails are being deliverd. This downtime is also affecting the mailing list & possibly MySQL & PHP scripts. ~Kat

Scanned images from the magazine "After Dark". They are from 1977.
First two on this page.

As suspected, the Child's Play poster showing Chucky in the water is a fake. Why? Because it says, "Birthdate: Summer 2004" and the movie comes out in October.

March 10, 2004:
I just found this preview for Child's Play(I) from the 80's. It is very comical. Copy and paste the proper connection speed URL into your media player.

Dial-up(56K) connection:

100K connection:

300K(DSL or CABLE) connection

March 8, 2004:

Some of you may remember that I get to ask Brad some questions via submitting a list of them through email and he responding...eventually. I have decided to start accepting questions from you guys, the fans. I will weed through them and select a couple to be passed along to Brad. This is a chance for many of you who will never meet Brad to ask him something. Update: Please include your name, age, & country in your email. Makes it cooler.
PLEASE keep all questions civil & respectful. The less fangirly, the more likely it will be chosen.
Send all questions for the interview to:

I have made an extra page just for the Seed of Chucky movie. It will have any rumors or facts that come from my VERY reliable

Brad was at Mega*Con this past weekend and I have already received 2 fan reports. If you met him and would like to tell other Brad fans about it, then send your report to

Read Kari's Mega*Con report & see 3 new pics of fu-less Brad.

Sign up for the Mailing List!

Site Status...
The image map layout did not work so I decided
to go back to the old navigation. THE FORUM IS STILL UP. Sometimes I have hiccups in my layouts and it takes a while to upload all the new pages when you change a layout. The link was to the old forum at It is now fixed and links to

My trip to LA was wonderful. I got to meet some amazing people and even held Richard Taylor's Oscar. Jay took us on a little road trip and I got to see more of LA, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Topanga. Where the mountains meet the ocean is beautiful. I'll be posting a report and a lot of pics on my personal website soon. If you would like to see a few images from the VIP section of Oscar Party(TM) then go here.

March 2, 2004:
Billy Boyd will be the voice of Tiffany and Chucky's son in the new Child's Play movie, 'Seed of Chucky'. It is still set to debut sometime in October.

Deadwood premieres this month on HBO. Specifically, March 21, 2004. There is now a site for the show, with some neat images of Brad as Doc. Cochran.

Don't forget that Brad will be at affiliate Mega*Con this weekend in Orlando, Florida.
Friday, March 5th - 1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. and 5:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.
Saturday, March 6th -
12:00p.m. - 2:00p.m. and 4:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.
Sunday, March 7th -
11:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. and 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.

You can now buy the episode of The Ponderosa that Brad appeared in. Thank you to Fantaskizzle for finding this one! Link

February 25, 2004:
Yeah, new layout. Not all the links work because I am very busy right now. Here's a quick fix to the 'written' broken link.
I leave for LA on thursday. The person Roz and I would like to thank most is Brad's agent Jay. He invited us to oscar party, and we are his guests on VIP. It's going to rock. :D
I might see Brad while in LA, but am not sure. Possible picture addition, too.

And an update on the Huntington Quarterly Magazine: when I received mine, I looked inside and saw that they not only took 1 of my wallpapers, but 8 images/manipulations from They are getting paid for work I did. I am not sure what I am going to do. I'll think about it and see.

February 21, 2004:
Brad finished doing ADR for Seed of Chucky yesterday. I am assuming it will be coming out this summer. I'll find out more next week.

I will be attending Oscar Party on VIP with my best friend Roz. We'll be in LA next week and will get to see Brad.

The folks at The Into The West Party have asked me to tell you guys about their Oscar Party. It will be held at the Hollywood Athletic Club. If you didn't get tickets to party, then definitly make it to this one. Admission is $60. Looks pretty cool.

Roz and I *might* be going to the Hall of Fire party next saturday. $20 at the door.

Februrary 12, 2004:

Brad has been confirmed to appear at affiliate Mega*Con 2004 in Orlando, Florida. Here is his autographing schedule:

Friday, March 5th - 1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. and 5:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.
Saturday, March 6th -
12:00p.m. - 2:00p.m. and 4:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.
Sunday, March 7th -
11:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. and 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.

I received my Huntington Quarterly Magazines today! I might be selling some of them to help support the website. Remember, Brad was on the cover! Check back on this.


F ebruary 8, 2004:
Update: Well, after that rant I decided to tear my apartment apart looking for said grima doll(a few days ago....the lost one)

... Everyone remember this article in The Huntington Quarterly Magazine about a year ago?

........remember how they used one of my wallpapers that I made, removed the watermark, then threw it into the magazine...without giving me ANY credit whatsoever.

>Original, found on (one of the very first wallpapers I did)

...........remember how they promised me 25 free copies.

..................well, almost a year later, and I have STILL not recieved my free copies. I have contacted them TWICE, and they said the copies were on their way. heh. Liars. So, tonight I called them. Left a message on their machine to please give me a call back so that we can get this settled. All I would like is some credit. I'll keep you guys posted on the results. :{D

This is my flame to them. >:{


February 7, 2004:
. New Gallery set up, or rather in the process of being set up. I still have about 30 more screencapped movies to tansfer to different folders on my server. With the increase in the size, I needed to make it easier for me to run. I did this by installing coppermine php database gallery. It basically runs off of MySQL. It allows for you all to rate the images and post comments. I encourage you to sign up and comment.

. I will be doing this same thing for the new Fan Art section. (hopefully up by March) However, with the fan art you will be allowed to set up your own 'album' and upload all your art with your username. It will basically be fan run and operated, but hosted by me and my kindness. :{D

. Am I the only one who didn't know Brad was in an episode of Star Trek TNG????????? He played the character 'Rex' in the episode: "The Emissary" (# 2.20) on 24 June 1989.

I leave you with this:

Brad from The Mound Builders, this DVD was sent to me by the ever lovely Kari(Fantaskizzle). This movie was taken from a play Brad did with the Circle Repertory Company in NYC. This was shot in 1976. I do not recomend this movie to anyone. Save youself the time and money. The short clips to come will prove it.

February 5, 2004.
Well, here it is. The last in this series of movies (pushing 20 years). Pretty badass if you ask me. Looks like it will be coming out this summer, not next October.
The 'Seed of Chucky' movie poster:

February 4, 2004.

Brad with a Backstreet boy???????
....Yes, it is true. In Brad's new movie, The Brew, he will star alongside Nick Carter. This should be very interesting.

....Contrary to what has been reported, Brad will be the voice of Chucky in the next Child's Play movie, "Seed of Chucky" due out in October.

It was reported by, that got heard a rumor that Brad would not be doing the voice, because of the script displeasing him. Instead, Christian Slater would do it. Totally untrue. Then, contacter Don Mancini, the director of 'Seed of Chucky', and he had this to say.

"Ridiculous rumor #109. Brad is signed, sealed, and thrilled to death. I had lunch with him on Saturday."

Visit the Forum!

....You can probably see that has changed. Again. As we all know I am a total layout whore. I am changing the screencaps and image galelries over into a .php gallery with a database. This will make updating a LOT easier for me. :D.

This is the layout, dedicated to my lost Grima action figure. None of the links on the nav bar work because I have to go to work in the morning and need sleep. Check back tomight or thursday.

....And for anyone who has been following my dilema, Grima is still lost. :(

February 1, 2004:
A sad day. I have lost my Grima Action Figure. :( That is all.

January 22, 2004:

NEW pics from 'The Hazing'. Many thanks to Rolfe Kanefsy, the director, for allowing me to use them. You can see his site here:

> Brad is *still* shooting DEADWOOD. He is shooting it through this week.

> The Forum is all better now! Everything is back up and working, so make sure to go register!

January 21, 2004

Forum update:
I had to delete the old-but-new forum, and upload a *new* one. It has not been modified or customized at all, however you may go and sign up again. Hopefully I have fixed all the logging in and out problems
New forum:

Rumor has it that 'Seed of Chucky' will open in Summer, 2004. I have also heard that it will be out in October, 2004.

You can order "Vlad" now, online through Sorry, it only comes in PAL version. Hopefully we'll get it here in the US.

Finally, the large versions of these pics from the 'Sonora Uncorked' CD release party.
If you use these images please give proper credit.
(MAJOR thanks to Tina for getting these for from WireImages)

§read past updates
January 19, 2004

Major problems with the forum. I am fully aware. With the little time I do have, I am devoting it to getting the forum back up and running. Until then and even afterwards, please go to Ingrid's
Brad Dourif Appreciation Society, an excellent yahoo! group.
Anyone who knows anything about PHPBB forums and is willing to help me with this forum and its hiccups, please email me!

Don't Forget that Brad will be at Mega*Con ( affiliate). March 5th-7th 2004.

January 17, 2004

Deadwood will premiere on HBO Sunday, March 21, 2004.
Check back later for more info.

new Forum is located at

January 16, 2003:

Sadly, has closed. Diane, you will be sorely missed!! Since that site hosted the Brad Dourif Community, it was lost too. However, I have put it back up again though The new link is :

If you registered before, you must re-register. All newbies are welcome! It is not entirely put together and customized yet, but should be soon.

More updates later...

January 11, 2003:

As many of the visitors to this website may have noticed, it is not being updated as much as usual. The truth is I haven't really been interested in updating it. It isn't that my interest in Brad has ebated, I guess I have just moved on a bit. In no means am I shutting down this site. It will continue until I get totally tired of paying for it. There will still be updates, but only when my muses are working. I have some new images, scans, and fan art to add. Plus screencaps from Alien: Resurrection.

The new Special Edition Alien Resurrection double DVD set has Brad's character, Dr. Gediman, on the actual DVD. Out of all the characters, they chose Dr. Gediman. Pretty freaking cool.

The Devil's Due at Midnight is in post production, and The Brew is in pre-production
The Hazing and Deadwood have been completed.
If you have any questions, you can always email me webmistress [@]

January 6 , 2004
FINALLY! We have confirmation that Brad will be the voice of Chucky in the next Child's Play movie, "Seed of Chuck". Jennifer Tilly will be back as Tiffany.
IMDB 'Seed of Chucky'

January 2, 2004
Want a chance to win a signed Grima Wormtongue action figure? Check it out and enter!

January 1, 2004
I am trying out this new comment leaving system...because it is cool. :D
Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
Wishing all of you the best year to come. May it be filled with joy and prosperity.

December 26, 2003:
Well, this new layout was a surprise. Enjoy!
Massive thanks to Nadine for the graphics work. She is awesome!

Will update the links and other sections soon.

December 25, 2003:
Merry Christmas !!
Thanks to our judges for the Santa Brad 2003 contest( Roz, Louie, Carrie, Joe and Jay)!
The grand prize goes to:
Mel McGinn, Congratulations!!

~Horseplayer on NTSC VHS
~Body Parts on NTSC VHS (Courtesy of Diane)

1st place: Kari, for Grima's List of Naughty Girls
2nd place: Konstanze, for Elf Johnny Reynolds
3rd place: Trista and Tosha for Santa Grima
4th place: Alma's Santa Boggs
Thank you to everyone who participated. This was a VERY hard contest to judge!

in other news....

~It was bound to happen: The Very Secret Journal of Grima Wormtongue. V. hilarious.

December 23, 2003:

Well, this is the new layout for early 2004. I finished it way before I thought I would. It is pretty. I am not sure WHY
All 300 pages are being uploaded right now, please be patient.

All "Santa Brad 2003". pics have been submitted and are being judged. Your judges are:

~Roz(of course)

December 20, 2003:

› More pics added to "Santa Brad 2003".
Remember, Monday, Dec. 22nd is your last day to submit image alterations.

December 11, 2003:

My muses were working tonight! Aren't we all proud? I have updated A LOT of sections, and I also have some of the 'Santa Brad' pics up!

Santa Brad! Make sure to get your submissions in ASAP! ( webmistress @

› NEW Messages for Brad

› more Complaints about Grima being cut in ROK

› 3 NEW fan reports: Tiffany, Sara, and Amanda

› NEW fanfiction, Michelle's 'An Ending for Grima'

December 15, 2003:

The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Tuesday (SE FotR, TTT, then ROK at 10:00pm) takes place this Tuesday. I am part of The Alamo Ringers Line Party , and Roslyn and I will be wearing out 'Grima Lives' shirts proudly throughout the sleepover at the theater Monday night and on into Tuesday. Order yours and make a statement! All proceeds go to support this website!

Great News! My hosting company, has changed their benefits on my hosting plan. I have been paying
$40/month for (and it has nearly broken me if it wasn't for the generous help from you guys!) However, now I can get the exact same plan, but it is only 20$/month! I use over 600mb (screencaps and video clips take up 400 of them) and I receive 1,000 MB from the new plan. Anyway, just thought I would keep you guys up to date on how much longer I could afford this website. Looks like it is all in the clear now!


December 9, 2003:

I decided to make 'Santa Brad' into a contest. The winner will recieve a copy of Brad's EXCELLENT movie, "Horseplayer". To enter, just take any pic of Brad, and dress him up as Santa! I want CREATIVITY!! It does not matter if you have talent for altering pics, just make them funny and original.
I will compile all the entries into one page, then have a few select judges pick the best.
The contest will end on December 20th, and the winner announce Dec 22nd. Please e-mail all entries to webmistress @, in .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif format. Recent News:
NEW pics of Brad on the set of The Hazing. Thanks to Tiffany at and her webmaster Kevin for permission to use the pics. Also added a link to her website in the links.

› Finally found a poster with Grima on it! Click to see it larger!

› The Special Edition TTT DVD has a LOT of Brad on it. He has commentary, more scenes, and some little interviews. As of now, I have 4 video clips of new scenes and 31 screencaps. I will have more as time allows. Enjoy!
December 7, 2003:
› Thanks to everyone who entered in the email giveaway!I
Here are the winners, Congrats!
Nihan Ateþ
Tiffany B
Trista S.
Maureen S.
Erendis (Carrie S.)

(You will be getting an email from me in the coming week)

December 1, 2003:

Yet another random note:

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King premiered in Wellington, New Zealand. Read more and see pictures from the event at affiliate)


November 28, 2003

› Brad is at the Mid-Ohio-Con this weekend.(Nov 29, 2003)

Just a wee bit of info from your humble webmistress: I am moving and will probably not have internet access for about a week. I might have it sooner, but am not sure. Thus no updates in the next few days. I guess I will have a lot of time to screencap.
:{D ~Katherine

November 27, 2003:

Happy Thanksgiving!
In one week, will be year old! YAY!
The donations have been wonderful, but I still need help with paying for the website. Please help support and keep it up and running!

Donate towards my web hosting bill! 

November 25, 2003:
NEW pics of Brad on the set of The Hazing. Thanks to Tiffany at and her webmaster Kevin for permission to use the pics. Also added a link to her website in the links.

› Finally found a poster with Grima on it! Click to see it larger!
Buy The Two Towers at
The Two Towers
Buy From

› I have the times Brad will be signing autographs at the Mid-Ohio-Con this more.

› updated the Brad Dourif Fanlisting & The Jack Dante Fanlisting

› added more messages for Brad & added more opinions from the fans on Brad not being in ROK.

November 21, 2003

› updated the contact section. Pleace read over it. I had to make a couple new email addresses for this website in order to keep everything seperate (fan art, fiction..etc)

› Do not forget that Brad will be at the Mid Ohio Con (a affiliate) next weekend! Every Brad fan in Ohio should make it there if they can. As of now, this is the last convention for a few months. And obviously, we will not be seeing Brad at any Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King promotional events. No press from him this year.

November 20, 2003:

› interested in silent protest about Grima being cut from ROK? then check out these 'Grima Lives' t-shirts and bumper stickers. All proceeds will go towards paying for see the shirts...

› The Special Edition TTT DVD has a LOT of Brad on it. He has commentary, more scenes, and some little interviews. As of now, I have 4 video clips of new scenes and 31 screencaps. I will have more as time allows. Enjoy!

› New messages for Brad.

November 17, 2003:

thnx to everyone who sent these in!

›The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Special Edition DVD comes out tonight at midnight. We are expecting & looking forward to more scenes with Grima. Rumors say that the Edoras scene is longer and there is an extra scene with Saruman and Grima.
Special Edition Platinum Gift Set,with Gollum statue, extra book and DVD. $55.94, qualifies for free shipping. ...more

Special Edition Platinum Series. $25.99 ...more

November 13, 2003:

› Finally finished Part 4 of my Comic*Con more.

› new link in the links section:, full of Grima/Brad art and a LOT of handmade dolls.

Random thought: This pic is hot.

November 12, 2003:

› Added more complaints about Brad not being in The Return of the more.

November 11, 2003:
› Happy Birthday to MandyBug, fellow Brad fan & friend.

Just a wee note from me:
~your humble webmistress

More feedback about Grima in ROK.

November 8, 2003:
›I have received a lot of feedback about Brad's scenes in ROK being more.
›new poll

November 8, 2003:

I have a section up for you guys to voice your complaints/opinions about the change in Return of the King..Read More.

› I hate to be the one to break the news to you guys, but I guess you should read it here before anywhere else.
Sorry Grima Wormtongue fans: Saruman's death scene has been cut from the Return of the King theatrical version. Therefore, there will be no Grima Wormtongue in ROK. So, no Brad. But, he should be in the special edition, according to Peter Jackson. source: Ain't It

~Also, check out Brad's listing, and you will that Return of the King has been removed from his list of credits..

that sucks~K.

November 7, 2003:

Jenn has sent in pics from the intersection of Wabash and Van Buren, the intersection that Charles Lee Ray is wounded in the movie "Child's Play" See them here!

› Elanor writes:
Just a quick line to say that here in the U.K. there is a new mobile telephone commercial that aired this morning, right at the end there is a bloke talking to his girlfriend, luckily I was sitting down as he is the absolute double of Brad Dourif except he has a slight nick on his upper lip, the hair the eyes the nose is all exactly the same the only difference is he is about 30 yrs old.
Pretty neat, Elanor!~K

I am STILL getting the rest of this layout up........ :{D

November 5, 2003:

› Konstanze has opened the Official Hazel Motes Fanlisting. Go join!

November 4, 2003:
My muses were working with me today, so I managed to get some things done with the site!:
2 new fan reports! One from Chris, and one from Ryan.

2 new screencaped movies, 'Wild Palms' and 'Best Men'

Part 3 of my Dallas Comic*Con fan report. I think this is going to be a long report.

yay...11 month anniversary.

Still getting the new layout up and running. Eventually I will have another part of my Comic*Con report up, look for it in the next week.

A bunch of people have asked for certain movies to be screencapped. These are the movies that will be capped (or already are and just need to be and uploaded) in the next month or so:
› Critters 4
› 2nd half of Istanbul
› Star Trek Voyager (Meld)
› Grima Prarie Tales
› Fatal Beauty
› Alien Resurrection
› One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

November 3, 2003:
› New Poll
› Yesterday recieved its 100,000th page hit. :{B
› Novermber 4th is the 11 month anniversary for this website.
› I am in the middle of uploading the new layout for the site. It needed a nice fall/winter feel. Don't freak out over the color clashing with the new banner and the old blue layout. It should be all done by Tuesday.


Novermber 2, 2003:
› I recorded a few clips of Brad at the Dallas ComicCon with my digicam. Here is the first clip:
      »Brad discussing "Wise Blood" with Maresa. Comic*Con Clip 1
New layout is being uploaded now, and some pages might not work for the next few hours.

October 29, 2003:
› Added more to my Comic*Con report!

October 28, 2003:
› I have the first tiny part of my fan report up from this weekend's Comic*Con.Read it!

update: I added links to the thumbnails, so all the pics are available in the report. .
October 27, 2003:
heh, well. I had a great time at the Comic*Con.
› hung out with Brad and sat at his table.
› was taken out to a fantastic dinner by Brad's manager.
› Brad rode in my suv...twice.
› I think I got winked at about 23 times.
› got in for free, and Jay gave me his guest pass so that I looked important....LOL...I'm funny
› took some AWESOME pictures!
I met some really nice people, too! Tiff, Virginia, the man who gave me two free Punisher shirts, and the nice lady sitting with her husband who does art with dots. I was joined by my best friend, Roz. I drug her with me, but she got a free ride. She had a blast, too. Fan report and pics probably tomorrow.

October 24, 2003:
›Okay, I am off to see Brad again, at The Dallas Comic*Con/Sci-Fi Expo. I will take plenty of pictures and have a full report. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for me to ask him! They were so unique, and not like the normal ones asked at cons. Hopefully we will get some answers. I myself, want to know if The Brew is really going to have him in it, because at D*Con, he denied it. Be back on Sunday!


October 23, 2003:

› NEW pics from Dragon*Con, thanks to Sara! (a very lovely lady I got to meet at the con). She will hopefully have a written report soon!

› NEW promo pics from The Exorcist III, in the Scans (at the very bottom)

› something happened to the music video section. I think my server deleted them, or maybe they were deleted by me by accident. Anyway, they are being uploaded again and everything will be by noon. After they are uploaded, make sure to check out Trist and Tosha's new music remix!

› I might have some time this weekend to ask Brad some questions. Therefor I have set up a form for you to submit possible questions to be asked. Use the form below:
The Form has been disabled.

October 21, 2003:

› I kind of changed the layout for the Articles, Scans, Fans, and the Fun Stuff sections. Now they are easier to navigate. :{D

› New Brad Movie Remix from Trista and Tosha! It's composed of audio clips from Brad's movies and the song "Transylvania".(this should play fine. However, I am having trouble getting it to DL from this site onto my comp. I might have to work on it a bit)

› There is a cute snippet of Brad promoting The Lord of the Rings on the T-Mobile website. More on the multimedia media page... (thanks to Elizabeth!)

On a little note: I get to meet Brad again this weekend, at The Dallas Comic*Con/Sci-Fi Expo. It is pretty cool because I get to sit behind his autograph table with him for a while. I am really excited!! If you live anywhere close to Dallas, and want to meet Brad, then I suggest you make it to this con. He will be there this Saturday, the 25th and Sunday the 26th. Regular admission tickets are 25$, and does not include the 'Ringers Pass' for autographs on Sat. Please visit the Sci-Fi Expo website for more details, or the events section for specifics on Brad's appearance.
October 15, 2003:
› Updated the Brad Dourif Fanlisting, which is now up to 150 members.

› New poll: How old were you when you first noticed Brad

»Please Help Support! » « Click to Make a Donation!«

October 10, 2003:
› New poll question: Do you think that should become official?

› The Chucky Collection DVDs are now available. This is a must have for any Chucky fan. It is a triple pack: The Chucky Collection: Bride Of Chucky, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3. Click to see it on!

› New fan report from Dragon*Con! Submitted by the ever lovely Sybelle (Nicole)!

› I redid the layout for The Official Brad Dourif Fanlisting. Go join if you haven't gotten your name on the list!

› Added Silven's 'All There is to Know' and Tiffany's 'Gemini Killer' to the fan fiction.

› New fan art from Maureen!

October 9, 2003:
› Just a quick note to say that my personal life has been very busy. I am planning a big update to the site in the next week. If you have emailed me, please wait for a response, no need to email 5 times asking if I got your first one. I will respond, give me time.

› The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 'Trilogy Tuesday' tickets go on sale today. On December 16, 2003: you can catch all three LotR movies on the big screen, ending with Return of the King at midnight, then go to's 'Trilogy Tuesday' page. Tickets are averaging around $30.00 USD, and are selling out already.

October 2, 2003:
› Brad has just been confirmed to appear at the Dallas/Plano Sci-Fi-Expo, Oct. 25-26, 2003. Read more in the events.

October 1, 2003:
› For all you fans looking to find a copy of Istanbul, one has finally popped up on eBay. I got my copy back in december for $0.01, but this one is $6.99/USD. I suggest you check it out and bid! It is a MUST HAVE for any Brad fan. Istanbul on eBay

› There is a new LiveJournal Community for Brad, and is run by Ozmavul. Very nice layout and pretty blue colors.If you are on LiveJournal, I suggest you join the group.

WTF is LiveJournal?

September 29, 2003:
› updated the events page. Brad is definitly going to the Mid-Ohio-Con.

September 28, 2003:
› updated the Messages for Brad. If you left a message for Brad but do not see it listed, then please re-submit. I lost a bunch of them.

› cleaned up and added to the Thanks and FAQ sections.

› added a link to, which was accidently left out when I redid the website. I'm sorry Diane! :)

September 27, 2003:
› updated the links and added the Brad-related fanlistings

September 26, 2003:
The Lord of the Rings:The Retun of the King trailer was released in theaters today. Sorry, no Gríma. They are keeping a tight lid on his demise.

› Added a new interview with Brad. You need Real Player to listen to it. Thanks to Elish and Leslie for sending it in!
   » hear it now

› Major thanks to Sharon for donating money to help support this website. The cost of running has recently increased because I needed to buy more space. This has placed more of a financial burden on me, costing 40$/month.I do not want to lose because I enjoy owning it and giving Brad the recognition he deserves. However, with school(I am a full-time student and I work full-time) plus bills, I simply cannot afford it. In order for me to keep this website running, I need the help you guys! (the fans) I am asking you to make a small donation to help keep this site up!

September 24, 2003:
› The Return of the King theatrical trailer will be released this Friday, 9/26/2003, before New Line's 'Secondhand Lions'. You will also be able to download it from on Monday, 9/29/2003. Read the press release.

September 23, 2003:
› New fan report from Ozmavul (Carrie)

› According to Ain't-it-Cool-News, 'Seed of Chucky' is in the prep stages of production. Read more here.

September 22, 2003:
› Added Istanbul screencaps (just the first part of the movie)

› I have recieved quite a few questions regarding the autographs. If we do sell them, they will be autographed pictures. Just like Brad would sign at a convention. They will not be personalized.

September 17, 2003:
› The screencap section is FINALLY up!
››› Screencaps of 44 movies and 3 TV appearances

› Hannah has revised her Lon Suder Stories

› Added one painting of Hazel Motes in the Fan Art. It was made by new fan artist, Maureen.

› Dragon*Con fan report from Kari (more reports on the way)

As some of you probably know, I have made connections through this website. We are thinking about selling autographs on, but really need to know how interested Brad's fans would be in buying one. Here are the details:
» price: $30.00 USD + S/H. This is the same price that you would pay at a convention.
» It would not be personalized.(with your name and such. That would take too much time)

Please let me know what you think about this. I have always recieved a lot of emails from fans wanting to know where to buy autographs, and I think this would be a good place. You can answer by writing to me at, or you can vote in the new poll on the right.

September 15, 2003: I've already recieved 3 fan reports from D*Con. If you went, and want your report on, then you can send it here:
If you send any images, PLEASE resize them to less than 1,000 pixels wide and put them in .jpg form. If you don't know how to do this then ask me, and I will show you how

...still working on the screencap section. Thanks for all the emails. Here's a list of the new caps to look forward to:
Common Bonds, Star Trek Voyager, The Guyana Tragedy,, Istanbul, Wild Palms, Impure Thoughts, Critters 4, and the X-Files.

September 10, 2003:
Teaser of the Istanbul screencaps: had it's 30,000th hit! (since December 4th, 2002) Thanks to everyone who has been visiting, and all the positive feedback!

Sept 9, 2003: Wow...I got something done! The video clips are all up! Video Clips

Sept 8, 2003: Thanks to Angel,'Gone to become an Angle', for donating the splash image and the banner. It is much appreciated.

Sept 7, 2003:
» two new Grima Wormtongue pics have been released by NewLine. They are from the EE version of TTT. Looks like more Grima!
(These are VERY high res, and will take a while to DL over a 56K connection)

» New music video, from Trista and Tosha. It is Two Towers themed. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

» Hehe, I finally have my Dragon*Con report up!(well, some of it....aren't we all proud??) Read it here: Dragon*Con Report

Sept. 3, 2003: Heheh, I know this is taking me forever, but I just had to clear up some recent emails:

YES! I did meet Brad!
YES! That is me with him in the pic:here
YES! His eyes are very blue.
One more wee thing: If you want to send in a fan report from Dragon*Con, then you can send them (along with any pics)here:

Sept. 2, 2003:
I met Brad, and let me tell you, he is the nicest person on the face of the earth. What a gentleman! (even when we were bombarding him for pics) :{P
Anyways, I recorded 3 of the 4 panels onto tape and I have a lot of pics to share. I'll put everything up after I sleep.
Until then, I have this to share with you.

August 28, 2003:
I am still working in the screencap section, but for right now I decided to fix your appetite for Grima goodness by putting up the Grima Wormtongue screencaps.
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Screencaps!

Okay, so I am about to take off for Dragon*Con.(I hate planes!!!) Konstanze and I are flying to Chicago(Charles Lee Ray's stomping grounds) then on to Atlanta. There I hope to meet Brad. Um, I will have plenty of pics when I return, plus a write up of the panel he will be doing.
LOTR Panel at D*Con: Saturday, 8/30/03: 4pm
Hope to see a lot of Brad fans there!

August 23, 2003: Brad is mentioned in another article, this time from Alabama. It is discussing his Dragon*Con appearance.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am busy getting ready for D*Con and spending time with Konstanze, who came to spend time with me before the convention.

August 22, 2003:
Brad is mentioned in 2 news publications:

August 18, 2003: Brad has been confirmed for Dragon*Con, a affiliate. I will be attending it, along with many friends. Especially Konstanze! So, if anyone wants to meet up sometime there, just drop me a line here. I will have plenty of pics and a total transcript of the panel.

Brad will NOT be at the Best of Both Worlds convention in Australia

August 13, 2003: Welcome to the NEW This is my first time using a code generator and tables, but I am REALLY happy with this layout. It's professional..O_o. I chose blue because it is soothing and pretty. And, well, blue looks really good on Brad. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thank you to everyone who sent me emails this past week. You have no idea how much this helped me get through this emotional part of my life. It made me want to get this site back up as quick as possible. I truly never knew how much was appreciated.

Thank you to Konstanze. You are the best friend someone could have, and your honesty and tireless help has made me so happy. You are my preshusssss.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the new layout. e-mail